Lead Paint Removal Specialists in Forest Grove Oregon

Forest Grove is a wonderful place to live, surrounded by the awesome Northwest wilderness of Oregon. With lots of older homes, SFW Painting works to make sure your Forest Grove home is lead-free. As an accredited and licensed Lead Safe Renovation Firm, we provide skilled lead paint removal services throughout Forest Grove.

Lead paint inspection and removal is a technical process that should be done by trained and experienced experts who can do the job thoroughly and effectively. SFW Painting utilizes the most up-to-date lead paint inspection and lead paint removal techniques in the industry. With a crew of talented, high caliber professionals we are able to remove all the lead paint from your home, making it more safe and enjoyable for you and your family.

Lead Paint Removal Forest Grove

During the process of removing Lead paint on a Forest Grove home

Lead Paint Removal Forest Grove

After the process of removing Lead paint on a Forest Grove home

A Sustainable and Practical Approach to Lead Paint Removal

Since we are striving to make your home a healthier place to live, we figure we should extend the same respect to the environment. That’s why we utilize only environmentally safe and chemical-free lead paint removal techniques, such as electric paint shaving, UV Scraping, and lead paint encapsulation. When combined with the time-tested tradition of good old-fashioned hand scraping, we are able to remove all the lead paint from your home.  

Lead Paint is Hazardous to Your Health

Approximately 87 percent of homes that were built before 1940 were made with lead paint and  about 24 percent of homes constructed from 1960 to 1977 are thought to contain lead paint. While lead paint seemed to have been gradually phasing out, in 1978 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned its use in domestic properties. This is because lead paint was found to cause serious medical concerns, such as learning disabilities and damage to internal organs including the brain, in both children and adults.

Children are at the highest risk of lead poisoning as they are prone to ingesting small paint chips or peels in older homes that are wearing down. This is why in 1991 the EPA claimed lead paint was the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.” However, lead paint is also hazardous to adults and can be easily inhaled in the form of paint dust from deteriorating or worn down painted areas such as windows, doors and ledges.

A Reliable and Affordable Lead Paint Removal Strategy

SFW Painting provides comprehensive lead paint inspection and lead paint removal for Forest Grove homeowners. We inspect and remove lead paint from every square inch of painted area in your home, both interior and exterior. We also work with you to devise a reasonable plan that fits your schedule and budget. In the end, we provide a completely refurbished paint job, entirely free of lead paint and 100% safe and habitable for you and your family

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