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If you’re concerned about lead paint in your house, call SFW Paining today to schedule a lead paint inspection.

Accredited and licensed as a Lead Safe Renovation Firm in McMinnville, SFW Painting provides comprehensive professional lead paint inspections and lead paint removal. Our thorough examination of your home entails looking at all painted surfaces – and all layers of accumulated paint – to check for and remove lead paint, in both the interior and exterior of your home.

Lead Paint Removal McMinnville

During the process of removing Lead paint on a McMinnville home

Lead Paint Removal McMinnville

After the process of removing Lead paint on a McMinnville home

The Problem with Lead Paint

Back before lead was determined to have highly adverse health effects, it was added to paint for a variety of reasons. Lead was used as pigment to create specific colors of paint, to decrease the time it took for paint to dry – which was helpful with large-scale domestic painting – and to make paint more durable, long lasting, and resistant to moisture. Paint-makers and professional painters probably figured using lead in paint was safe because they didn’t imagine people eating paint off the walls. But they failed to think about what happens when the paint gets old and begins to crack and peel, falling in chips and pieces to the floor where children are wont to put just about anything they find into their mouths. Unfortunately, quite a few children suffered from this mistake, contracting learning disabilities, internal organ and brain damage, as well as behavioral problems. Adults suffered too, after breathing in lead paint dust, as high levels of lead poisoning can cause seizures, unconsciousness and death.

Getting Rid of the Lead Paint in Your Home

SFW Painting can locate and remove the lead paint in your home, giving you a safer place to live. We do this by employing a number of environmentally safe techniques, such as lead paint encapsulation, electric paint shaving, and UV Scraping, alongside the tried and true method of hand scraping. The end result is a McMinnville lead paint removal process that leaves all painted surfaces in your home fully restored and safe.  

The Advantage of SFW Painting Lead Removal

The main advantage of having us remove your paint is we are extremely experienced and reputable for our work. Another is that we collaborate with you to find a lead paint removal strategy that coincides with your schedule and your bank account. Lastly, our parent company, SFW Construction LLC, is a general contractor – which means that if we encounter any problems with the structure of your home, such as dry rot or siding repair needs, we can include this in the work at a cost that will be as affordable as possible.

Call today for a free consultation about lead paint removal on your McMinnville home!

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