Lead Paint Removal Specialists in Newberg Oregon

Living in an historic Newberg home carries an element of charm and grace that we know you enjoy. But relishing a heart-warming home shouldn’t come at the risk of being poisoned by lead. We’re not here to scare you, but rather to provide education and support to make your home more habitable.

Lead paint is dangerous because lead is a toxic substance that can cause a whole host of serious health problems. As a fully licensed and accredited Lead Safe Renovation Firm, SFW Painting provides expert Newberg lead paint removal that is reliable and effective. Lead paint removal is a complex process that requires the kind of skill, experience and know-how that we have accumulated over the years.

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Lead Paint Removal Newberg

During the process of removing Lead paint on a Newberg home

Lead Paint Removal Newberg

After the process of removing Lead paint on a Newberg home

The Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead paint was banned for use in 1978 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because lead was recognized as one of the most toxic and potentially harmful substances in the man-made environment. Ingestion of lead paint can lead to lead toxicity, also known as lead poisoning, and has especially detrimental consequences in children – including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, impaired nervous system and brain functions and anemia.

You probably wonder how lead can be ingested if it is located in the paint on your house. The problem is that over time paint breaks down, chips, peels, and is ground into dust with the opening and closing of doors and windows. So it can be inadvertently ingested via breathing of fine particulates or through chips being eaten by small children.  

When the EPA recognized lead paint as the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States,” the problem became more widely acknowledged. Unfortunately, even small amounts of lead exposure can cause significant health problems, so it is best to remove this toxic substance from your home altogether.

The Lead Paint Removal Process

Removing lead paint from your Newberg home is a complex process that requires addressing all areas and layers of paint on and in your home. Any surface that has paint should be inspected for a thorough evaluation to be conducted.

The lead paint removal process entails environmentally safe and chemical-free methods like electric paint shaving, lead paint encapsulation, and UV Scraping – combined with a little elbow grease and good old-fashioned hand scraping, our approach results in a fully refurbished paint job free of lead.

We also strive to make our Newberg lead paint removal as affordable ad possible. Call today to speak with a friendly customer service representative about how to best safeguard your home and protect your family from lead!

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