Lead Paint Removal Specialist in Portland Oregon

We are the lead paint removal specialist in Portland Oregon. Concerned about lead paint in your Portland home? Contact SFW Painting today to schedule a lead paint inspection of your house that will determine if you’re currently living with lead.

Lead Paint Removal Specialist

SFW Painting is an accredited and licensed Lead Safe Renovation Firm operating in Portland, Oregon that conducts comprehensive and professional lead paint inspections. Our complete inspection of your home includes examination and analysis of all painted surfaces as well as every layer of accumulated paint, in both the interior and exterior of your home. If lead paint is found in your home, we are available to provide an immediate and thorough lead paint removal process.


Lead Paint Specialists Removal Portland

During the process of removing Lead paint on a Portland home

Lead Paint Specialists Removal Portland

After the process of removing Lead paint on a Portland home

What’s the Problem with Lead Paint?

Lead paint contains lead, a metal that is known to be very toxic to humans and animals. When lead is ingested it can cause lead poisoning, which may result in a number of health problems, including internal organ and brain damage, seizures, unconsciousness, and, in high doses, death. Lead poisoning via lead paint is most well-known for its impacts upon children who are known to have suffered from learning disabilities and severe behavioral problems following lead exposure.

When paint gets old it begins to crack and chip, then fall to the floor surfaces of your home where children and animals may be prone to ingesting it. In the case of lead paint this can result in lead poisoning. Lead paint is also inadvertently inhaled in the form of paint dust when old lead paint in doorways or window frames is disrupted through normal household use. For these reasons it’s a good idea to have your home checked for lead paint, so that you can take precautions to safeguard your health and that of your family.

Why was Lead Added to Paint in the First Place?

Lead was originally included in paint because it acted as a pigment to create desired colors. It also decreased the time for paint to dry and made paint more durable and weather-resistant. Unfortunately, whoever made paint in the early and mid-20th century didn’t think about the potential hazards of using a toxic heavy metal in household applications. Or perhaps they knew about it and lacked the ethics to not include it from paint. Either way, in 1978 the EPA banned the use of lead in paint; though many homes built before that time still contain this toxic substance.  

Removing Unwanted Lead Paint from Your Home

As a recognized Portland Lead Safe Renovation Firm, SFW Painting locates and removes all the lead paint in your home through implementing environmentally safe techniques. Electric paint shaving, UV Scraping, and good old fashioned hand scraping are all effective strategies to extract the lead paint in your home. When removal is impossible or ill-advised, we employ lead paint encapsulation, which completely safeguards you and your family from contact with lead paint. In the end, your Portland home will be completely restored, freshly painted and safe from lead paint.

The Advantage of SFW Painting Lead Removal

We are the lead paint removal specialist in Portland Oregon. Having provided lead paint removal as well as conventional painting services throughout Oregon for many years, SFW Painting is recognized as a premier full service painting company. We embrace a customer-focused work ethic and always collaborate with clients to schedule a lead paint removal strategy that works best for your schedule and bank account. SFW Construction LLC, our parent company, is a general contractor, so if we encounter any structural issues with your home during the paint removal process, such as dry rot or siding repair needs, we can handle this at an affordable cost.

If you suspect your home might have lead paint, why wait for problems? Contact us today to speak with a friendly representative who can answer all your questions and schedule a lead paint inspection of your Portland home.

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