Lead Paint Removal Specialists in West Linn Oregon

Lead paint removal is an important procedure that will make your home more safe for you and your family. Because lead is such a volatile and toxic substance, lead paint removal work should be accomplished by trained technicians who are fully skilled and knowledgeable in the process. SFW Painting is an accredited and licensed Lead Safe Renovation Firm with years of experience in effective, reliable and safe lead paint removal from homes.

SFW Painting uses up-to-date, industry-wide best practices in its West Linn lead paint removal practice. Using recognized environmentally sustainable and efficient techniques such as UV scraping, electric paint shaving, and lead paint encapsulation, we conduct lead paint removal work that is 100% dependable.

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Lead Paint Removal West Linn

During the process of removing Lead paint on a West Linn home

Lead Paint Removal West Linn

After the process of removing Lead paint on a West Linn home

Why You Should have Lead Paint Removed from Your Home

Lead paint was routinely used in household paint in West Linn up until the late 1970s, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned its use due to the recognition that it posed a serious health hazard. While ingestion of lead paint is especially dangerous for children, adults are not immune to it whatsoever. As you can imagine, small children who wantonly put things into their mouths are at especially high risk for lead poisoning in homes that have lead paint – because as a home ages paint chips and peels fall to the ground.  

Ingestion of lead paint can also occur via breathing of lead paint dust from doors and windows that open and close. Any kind of lead paint ingestion can lead to lead poisoning or lead toxicity, and result in learning disabilities and impaired nervous system and brain functions – among many other conditions. The EPA states lead paint is the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.”

Better to be safe than sorry and have your home inspected for lead paint.

An Effective & Affordable Lead Paint Removal Strategy

SFW Painting conducts an extensive lead paint inspection and removal strategy. This means we look for lead paint in all painted surfaces on and in your home, interior and exterior – the body, trim, accents, eves, and soffit of your home – as well as through all layers of paint that have accumulated over the years.

We realize this comprehensive approach can pose a foreboding cost prospect – but if we’re going to do the job we want do it right so your home is completely safe when we’re done. So we work with you to arrive at a lead paint removal strategy that fits your monetary situation. It might take a little time, but having a lead-free, safe home is always worth it in the end.

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