Lead Paint Removal Specialists in Wilsonville Oregon

Wilsonville is a quaint town replete with charming and historic homes. However, if your home was built before 1978 there is a good possibility that it contains lead paint, which has been proven to be highly deleterious to human health. As the leading Wilsonville lead paint removal service, we’re here to make your lovely home a safer place to live.

SFW Painting specializes in professional lead paint removal, and is accredited and licensed as a Lead Safe Renovation Firm. We employ environmentally safe and effective lead paint removal techniques without the use of chemicals, including lead paint encapsulation, electric paint shaving, and UV Scraping, mixed with lots of good old-fashioned hand scraping. The end result is a beautiful and safe repainted Wilsonville home, free of lead paint.


Lead Paint Removal Wilsonville

During the process of removing Lead paint on a Wilsonville home

Lead Paint Removal Wilsonville

After the process of removing Lead paint on a Wilsonville home

Why You Should Have Your Home Checked for Lead Paint

In 1978 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of lead paint because it was learned that having such a toxic element as lead in one’s home can be extremely dangerous. Children who ingest lead paint were seen to develop learning disabilities as well as impaired nervous system and brain functions. Adults are at risk too because any amount of lead in one’s system can lead to significant health problems, including stomach pain and anemia.

Comprehensive Lead Paint Inspection & Removal Process

SFW Painting conducts a thorough evaluation of your home for lead paint. We look at all painted surfaces, the body, trim, eves, accents and soffit on the exterior and interior of your Wilsonville home, and examine all layers of paint. Then we devise a lead paint removal plan that is affordable and effective for you.

Unexpected Repairs and Restoration during Lead Paint Removal

The Wilsonville lead paint removal process is intensive and involves examining the structure of your home, where the problems of dry rot and/or deteriorated siding are sometimes found. Unlike most other painting companies who would halt the process until these problems are fixed, we work under the umbrella of SFW Construction, a full service general contractor with extensive experience, knowledge and skill in handling structural restoration issues and siding repair.

Having one company handle all your home painting and repair needs is handy because it saves you time, money, and hassle.

Call today to speak with a friendly customer service representative and discuss your lead paint removal needs!

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