Historical House Painting in Portland Oregon

At SFW Painting, we specialize in Historic House Painting and Vintage Restoration in Portland and Vancouver. We have a passion for working on older homes. SFW Painting offers dedicated attention, knowledgeable support, and customized service for your historical restoration. Our steadfast commitment to elite-quality work and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from other Portland contractors.

In formulating a comprehensive project outline SFW Painting will describe in detail the process and timeline allocated to each step of the process. In addition, please check out our online reviews. We are a respectful, courteous, and responsible team of professionals who take pride in the quality of our work.

Working on historic and vintage homes is a specialized skill set. Understanding the construction methods and materials used for these periods is crucial to these renovations. We are happy to provide photo galleries and references for these specific renovations. We also have amazing content on our YouTube channel.

Historical House Painting requires precision prep work

Historic HomesFor optimal results on historic painting the most crucial step is the prep work. All painting does is change the color. For a beautiful finished product, we roll up our sleeves and put in the effort and hard work to achieve the desired results of our clients. But before we get going, we make an efficient and well thought out order of operations. With historic homes you can’t always find replacement material for trim details or sidings. It is important to use a contractor that has a proven track record of success in abrading, sanding, and reshaping authentic woodwork.

Repairing Historical and Vintage woodworking

A huge advantage working with SFW Painting is the access to our amazing carpentry staff at SFW Construction. Older homes often require at least some carpentry work, and our paint estimators will orchestrate a complete renovation to fit your needs. Whether it is siding repair, structural dry rot, crown molding, or special millwork details we have an in-house option to get the job done. Even with the best planning a paint prep crew can discover some needed carpentry work during renovation.

At SFW Painting we have a solid plan and team in place to handle those eventualities. No need to put the project on hold, we can address the issue immediately with our amazing carpentry crews.

Complete or Partial Paint Removal on Historic Homes

Our clients want varying degrees of restoration. Some want all, or most of the original paint removed to start with a fresh canvas. At SFW Painting we are a complete paint removal company as well. No need for us to find an additional contractor. We truly handle every aspect. Often that entails working with lead paint. All our paint crews are certified lead safe renovators. We will protect your property, and the environment, and perform the work correctly and safely.

We also offer lead paint encapsulation. After removing the flakes, defects, and failing paints we can use a specialized bonding primer to encapsulate the existing lead paint.

Historically Accurate Color Palettes

From Colonial to Victorian, SFW Painting offers a paint palette for nearly every incarnation of American architectural style. With both interior and exterior colors pallets available. When can help you choose colors that are historically accurate to your home, historically appropriate for the time period for when your home was built.  At SFW Painting we pride ourselves in using the best paints to compliment your sense of style and provide you with a long lasting and durable paint job. The professionals at SFW Painting understand the importance of delivering excellent style, beautiful colors, and long-lasting quality.

The paints that we supply are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, most importantly, meet all the most stringent environmental protection agency regulations for VOC’s.  Lead paint is one such VOC or volatile organic compound.  Therefore, we use leaders in environmentally friendly paint like Sherwin Williams, Rodda, and Miller Paint. Sherwin Williams, Rodda, and Miller are companies that make paint that is good for the environment and your health and peace of mind.

See for yourself why SFW Painting is the company that Portland homeowners call first for Historic home painting !

Historic Homes


Need the inside of your home painted? We also offer award-winning Interior Painting.

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I originally called SFW to fix some minor siding wood rot.  I was so impressed with their professionalism over the phone and in person, I chose them to paint my entire house.

Their workers are very friendly and polite.  They kept me informed of their findings and their plan to repair the siding.  The SFW office employees sent me an email each day with labor hours and materials used, so I could track costs as the project progressed.

I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend SFW Construction.

Jim E.

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