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SFW Painting Specializes in Exterior Home Painting

SFW Painting has provided many years of successful professional exterior home painting in Happy Valley and throughout Oregon. Having painted homes in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade, we know how to protect your home from the impact made by the wet climate and turbulent weather.

As home exterior paint experts, the secret to our success is paying close attention to all the details of the job, which means thoroughly assessing your house in all its unique specifications and characteristics. We look at each new job as an opportunity to learn something new and as a challenge to provide the perfect strategy to painting your Happy Valley home in an impeccable manner.

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Prep Work is the Foundation of Exterior Painting for Your Happy Valley Home

The key to effective painting is comprehensive prep work. The prep work sets the stage for the painting to proceed smoothly. The purpose of the prep work is to clean the exterior paint surfaces of your Happy Valley home so that the paint applications will adhere properly and be durable and long-lasting.

We begin prep work by power spraying your home to remove the dust and dirt, the mildew, mold, and grime that has accumulated on the exterior painted surfaces. Then we scrape the exterior to thoroughly remove any remaining detritus and forge a “clean slate” upon which we can efficiently begin to paint. Lastly, we seal the unwanted cracks and crevices with NP-150 SONOLASTIC caulking to waterproof the exterior painted surfaces of your home.

Exterior Home Painting Happy Valley Exterior Home Painting, Happy Valley, Oregon
Exterior home painting BeavertonBeautiful Paint Job, Happy Valley, Oregon

The Primer Lays the Foundation for the Final Coat

The primer coat is the first layer of paint we lay down. It provides a layer of insulation and sealing for your home as well as a solid foundation to which the final coat of paint can adhere. The final coat represents the colors you want to see in the final product of your freshly painted home. We help you to choose colors that bring you joy and make you feel at home.

We use only the highest caliber final coat and primer paints from Sherwin Williams, Rodda, and Miller.

Happy Valley Paint Contractor with Deep Roots in the Construction Industry

SFW Painting is a division of SFW Construction, LLC. We handle all the painting needs and if you need any repairs–like siding, dry rot, or anything else construction-related, SFW Construction steps in seamlessly to keep the project on schedule.