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Interior Painting Portland And Seattle

Portland Home Interior Paint Experts

A great paint job is more than just paint on a wall. Therefore, we take our time to carefully prepare an area. First, we move and/or cover all of your furniture and other belongings to make sure they are protected. Next, we ensure all surfaces that won’t be painted are carefully taped, masked, and covered with plastic. For example, windows, trim, and furniture. Then, we primer the surface before finally painting the interior walls. Finally, too minimize odor and keep your home safe, we use nothing but the highest-quality low VOC and Zero VOC paint products from Sherwin-Williams, Miller Paint, and Rodda Paint.

We Go Beyond Painting the Walls

We want the interior painting process to be as minimally disruptive to you as possible! As a result, we will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule, all year round—including winter. Furthermore, we’ll bring a skilled paint crew large enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently while maintaining our lofty quality standards. Finally, once the job is complete and final cleanup is done, our goal is to make it look as if we were never at your home and the only thing left behind is a beautiful, high-end finish that homeowners love!

A Variety Of Interior Painting Services, Including:

  • Cabinet Painting

  • Color selection

  • Door Refinishing

  • Fine Wood Staining

  • Historic Restoration

  • Low VOC Alternatives

  • Moldings and Millwork

  • Paneling

  • Plaster Repair

  • Walls and Ceilings

  • Wall Repair

  • Windows and Trim

Interior Painting