This video describes the process of thorough cleaning conducted after every lead paint removal project.

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SFW Painting is completely committed to providing clients with an entirely safe home and home environment following lead paint removal projects.

This is accomplished in the interior of the home through meticulous use of high-tech HEPA equipment, including the Festool HEPA Sander and Festool HEPA Dust Extractor system. HEPA filters are extremely effective as they remove 99.97% of all airborne particles that are at least 0.3 micrometers in diameter, as required by the United States Department of Energy.

SFW Painting employs the use of HEPA equipment to extract all lead dust particulates, which prevents them from being emitted into the air, and vacuums interior floor surfaces with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, keeping you and your family safe in a healthy home environment. Our cleaning process also includes wiping down all surfaces to fully ensure that the entire interior of your home is lead free.

When conducting lead paint removal on home exteriors, SFW Painting implements safe lead removal practices as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This process entails containing all lead paint chips that may have fallen during your home restoration work and disposing of them safely and properly.

SFW Painting is a licensed and accredited lead safe renovation firm that follows scrupulous guidelines to ensure that lead paint removal is conducted safely. Keeping you and your family safe is the Company’s number one priority.

In 1978, the EPA banned the use of lead paint after recognizing the damage it can cause to humans, including anemia, and brain and nervous system impairments in adults as well as developmental disorders and behavioral problems in children. They take the law seriously in their work and do everything they can to ensure a safe lead removal process on your home.