Best Interior And Exterior Paint Brands For Your Home



Picking a paint product can be challenging because of all the different paint brands to choose from, Today, there are a wide variety of paint styles, colors, and finishes available. So, to help homeowners decide between different exterior and interior paint options, we've compared a few of our favorite exterior and interior paint brands.

How To Choose The Right Paint Colors For Your Home



If you work with SFW Painting, we will have a professional paint consultant meet you at your house to help guide you through your interior paint palette. Having an experienced guide makes the process much easier and it will give you confidence that you chose the right paint colors for your home' new interior paint job.

Painting Exterior House Trim



Here in The Pacific Northwest, you've probably noticed some homes with gorgeous painted trim, fascia, and accents.  Every neighborhood seems to have a couple of standouts.  What is it that makes these homes so beautiful?

Paint Color Consultations


In this video, the SFW Paint Manager explains how the process of picking the right paint colors for your home is important. One of the benefits SFW painting provides for you to make this decision is a paint color [...]

Four Essential House Painting Tips


Painting your house can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to painting your home’s exterior.  In this article I am going to discuss some of the fine details that will make the painting process easier from the start. [...]

Exterior House Painting


This video features time-lapse footage of the entire painting project process of exterior house painting, from prepping the home by protecting the windows with plastic sheeting and covering the trim, ground, lighting fixtures, patio, bushes and lawn furniture with tarp to applying the initial [...]

Cleaning Process


This video describes the process of thorough cleaning conducted after every lead paint removal project. SFW Painting is completely committed to providing clients with an entirely safe home and home environment following lead paint removal projects. This [...]

Where Do Exterior Paint Stains Come From?


We’re pretty big restoration and historic painting nerds here at SFW Painting. An old USFS article about different mechanisms of paint discoloration was circulating our office today and we thought you might like it. Mildew – [...]

Exterior Paint Checkup


With the sunny days from 2019 already over it’s apparent that Fall has begun in Portland! Next time you venture outside to tend the garden or mow the lawn, take a few moments to check up on your home’s paint. [...]