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Choosing the Best Exterior Paint for The Pacific Northwest 

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, not all paints are created equal. The Pacific Northwest is a prime example of this. Here, the climate is incredibly diverse. We experience hot, dry summers and also cold, wet winters. Given these conditions, selecting high-quality exterior paint cannot be overstated. It really needs to be up to the task. Today, we’re revealing the top three exterior home paint brands: Sherwin-Williams, Miller Paint, and Rodda Paint.


Sherwin-Williams, a globally recognized brand, has a longstanding reputation for high-quality paint products. This is especially true when it comes to their exterior home paints. Their paints are known for their superior durability. This reputation makes them a reliable choice for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint stands out with its advanced UV and weather resistance. Its self-priming formula resists blistering and peeling. It keeps your house looking pristine, even amidst the most challenging weather conditions.

Sherwin-Williams gives you lots of color choices. Want a modern, minimalist look? They’ve got it. Looking for a vibrant color that grabs attention? They’ve got that too. Their palette is broad. It covers every color you can imagine. So, finding the perfect color for your home is a breeze. They’ll happily help you turn your dreams into a reality. 

Miller Paint

A local favorite, Miller Paint, was established in Portland, Oregon, in 1890, and they’ve crafted high-quality paints tailored explicitly for the Pacific Northwest climate ever since. Their Acro Pure paint line is 100% acrylic with low VOC (volatile organic compounds). It provides a durable, mildew-resistant coating perfect for withstanding humidity and rainfall. 

Miller Paint really cares about the quality of its products. Plus, they like to source locally. They’re all about quality. And they’re big on helping the environment. This makes their paints not only work well but also a green choice. They’ve got a lot of colors too. These colors take cues from our local landscapes. So, you can pick a color that celebrates the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Rodda Paint

Last but certainly not least, Rodda Paint, another Pacific Northwest native, has served homeowners since 1932. Their Horizon line of exterior paints has been specifically designed to hold up against the PNW’s unique climatic conditions.

Rodda paints stick well, are flexible, and resist water. Their Ultimate II line is a standout. You won’t need as many coats with this line, which means less work and time spent. Rodda also has a bunch of colors to pick from. You can find one that makes your home’s design pop and still fit in with the local scenery.

3 High-Quality Paints For The Pacific Northwest

Picking the right paint for the exterior of your home is extremely important. This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest. Sherwin-Williams, Miller Paint, and Rodda Paint all produce high-quality paint. Their products can handle brutal weather and keep colors bright and bold for a long time. With these great options, you’re sure to find paint that will keep your home safe and make it look good from the street.

Incorporating these brands into your painting project not only adds value to your home but also contributes to the local economy, supporting businesses that understand and cater to the unique demands of this incredible region.

SFW Painting: The Pacific Northwest’s Best Exterior Home Painting Contractor

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