How To Safely Remove Lead Paint



Banned from residential paints in 1978, lead paint is in the majority of homes built before that year. Lead poisoning is caused by paint that is flaking, peeling, chipping, and chalking, or by dust during a repair project. However, by following the EPA guidelines, we can safely contain the dust and keep your home lead-safe and worry-free.

Can You Paint Over Lead Paint?



Have you checked your home for lead paint? Do you see visible signs of cracking and peeling paint but can not confirm it’s lead? Buying or living in a home built in or before 1978, prior to the ban on the use of lead paint, can leave you wondering whether or not the house has lead paint.

Proper Lead Paint Containment


In this video, the SFW Paint Manager explains how the proper containment takes place during the lead paint removal process. As the Pacific Northwest leader in lead-safe renovations, SFW Painting can remove the old paint and give you a [...]

Removing Lead Paint from the Floor


This video explains how SFW Painting accomplishes lead paint and non-lead paint removal from the hardwood floors of residential homes, many of which are older homes. Homes that were constructed in the early 20th century [...]

Lead Paint Containment


In this video SFW Painting explains how lead paint containment is a crucial aspect of every lead paint removal project. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets strict guidelines on lead containment practices that must be followed during any painting or construction endeavor [...]

Festool Dust Extractor


This video describes how SFW Painting uses the Festool Dust Extractor in conjunction with the Festool HEPA Sander to accomplish the removal of lead paint from homes. In accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [...]

Festool Power Shaver


This video describes a HEPA system hand planer, the Festool Power Shaver, which is used in conjunction with the Festool Dust Extractor. The Festool Power Shaver represents top-of-the-line professional lead paint removal equipment. It [...]

Festool Sander


This video on the Festool Sander demonstrates how lead paint removal specialists at SFW Painting remove layers of dangerous lead paint from historic homes through use of advanced tools and machinery. One important machine used to [...]