Our painting process requires three important steps to get the precision, style, and look clients are accustomed to from SFW Painting. One part of this process is masking and taping, which is something we do before painting to protect the interior or exterior of your home. Trust us when we say this step should not be rushed. By correctly masking and taping your home, any potential paint damage and hours of clean up can be avoided.

Testimonial From Homeowner

“When the crew came over, the first thing they did was tape and mask everything off on the floor. I just had the wood floors done, and they took extra precautions to keep them safe. They closed off the kitchen, preventing any lead paint from entering the kitchen. They did a wonderful job, and I was able to have peace of mind knowing they did a great job.”

Painting Preparation Includes Proper Masking And Taping

Precision masking includes masking windows, floors, and personal items with the correct masking material, i.e., plastic film or masking paper for nonbreathable surfaces, landscape fabric for plants, and breathable areas. By ensuring tight masking on lead containment, it’s also paramount for safety.

For example, if you want to paint an accent wall, we use precision masking and the latest paint block technology. By following SFW’s professional guidelines, we can ensure your accent walls are complete with the straightest lines possible, adding a pop of color and new aesthetics to any room. If new or existing floors need protection during this process, we can put down Ram Boards, which are heavy-duty temporary floor protection boards that layout fast, are non-staining, and re-usable. Other examples that can save hours of cleanup or repair include; lead dust containment, masking vents to avoid dust accumulation, isolating the kitchen, and protecting windows and doors that are not in the scope of the project.

Masking and taping is an ongoing process, all the way until the job is complete. It gives us the ability to focus on one targeted area at a time. In certain situations, we may even use a ZipWall system to isolate the work area, especially in lead hazard areas of interiors. The benefits include putting our crews in the position to do the best work possible, protecting your investments, and following SFW’s safety processes.

Protect Your Historical Home One Area At A Time

An example of how focusing on one area at a time can provide added benefit is tape removal. All tapes are not the same. our professionals will make the determination on all surfaces using the correct materials including tapes made specifically for walls, painted surfaces, stained surfaces, brick, vinyl, and metal surfaces. When removing tape from the masked off areas, it’s essential to make sure that the paint is completely dry to avoid any paint drips or smudging that could occur. For extra precision, it’s best to use an X-Acto knife to ensure a clean peel and precise corners.

Transform Your Home With Paint

Masking is super essential for a good paint job and could be compared to creating a border, or outlining a subject before creating art. Just like when you are working on an art piece you want to start with a clean canvas, the same goes for painting you will want to ensure the molding, baseboards, frames are clean before starting a transformation of your home. By using modern taping techniques for “strong lines” it helps us create some of the most pleasing aesthetics for homes in the Pacific Northwest. If you are looking to get some work done on your historical home make sure to hire the right contractor, one who will protect your home throughout the project.

Hire A Professional Contractor

Often the difference between hiring professional and DIY projects is the immense house of preparation required for the best possible outcome and the years of experience within that preparation. Hiring a professional, you are getting a precision hand, trained eye, and an expert in the latest paint technologies. Coupled with journeyman level application, you are sure to have the highest quality paint job.