Ladders and harnesses are a key point for safety while painting both for exteriors and interiors. This video demonstrates the vital importance of using best practices and maintaining safety.

As a full-scale home painting company, SFW Painting employs the use of ladders and harnesses to conduct much of its painting and home restoration work. Because falls from ladders or steep roofs are one of the highest occupational hazards in the painting and construction industry, it’s crucial to train employees on how to maintain safe practices at all times. All of our employees go through a training period to be sure they understand the safety processes and how to properly use both ladders and harnesses to prevent falls while getting quality work done.


All ladders used by SFW Painting are kept in optimal condition. When working near electricity sources, such as power lines and electric-powered equipment, fiberglass ladders are used to maintain safe working conditions. For our exterior painting, we use extension ladders with approved footing and proper protection where the ladder meets the house or structure. We only use OSHA approved ladders and equipment.

Harnesses – Fall Arrest System

While SFW Painting strives to always meet OSHA requirements for a fall restraint system, or some kind of a guard rail, when this is impossible they use a fall arrest system.

The fall arrest system includes a harness, safety line, and roof anchor. When used properly the fall arrest system provides protection for workers from harm that could be caused by falling or slipping on slanted roof surfaces or high ladders.

When used in conjunction with the fall arrest system, the appropriate use of ladders and harnesses establishes a safe working environment and a secure worksite.

Our commitment to our clients is to follow our safety processes, maintain the integrity and safety of your property, ensure that all lead paint is removed from your home during any painting or construction project and is fully contained and safely disposed of.