This video explores the topic of personal protective equipment (PPE) used to prevent injuries or exposure to harmful substances or conditions at the worksite.

There are many workplace hazards, including those that are chemical, physical, electrical and mechanical, which may cause injuries and illnesses. Proper use of professional personal protective equipment helps to safeguard the health of workers who may come into contact with these hazards.

SFW Painting takes the well-being of its workers to heart by implementing the use of a wide array of PPE in accordance with OSHA and Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations. Much of the work done by SFW Painting revolves around home renovation intended to make homes more beautiful and safe.

The Company believes that in order to accomplish this goal, maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of its employees is a foundational practice. Home maintenance, painting, and lead paint removal projects all involve activities that bring workers into work situations that involve risk – whether it is the use of a ladder, walking on roofs, or extracting lead paint from home surfaces.

Having years of professional experience, SFW Painting is informed and active in implementing all helpful PPE to keep workers safe and ensure efficiency and effectiveness during your home renovation project. Ensuring the safety of its workers with proper PPE is just one of the strategies SFW Painting uses to ensure that the work they do on homes meets the homeowner’s expectations. In this line of work, safety is the number one priority.