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Did Quarantine Get The Best Of Your Interior Paint?



Eight months into the COVID-19 quarantine and the interior paint in your home is probably looking a bit dull and begging for a refresh. You may not remember what your interior paint looked like back in March. Even if you have a fresh coat of paint, quarantine probably stressed it more than you think, or you might need to update it in rooms you weren't using pre-COVID.

Best Interior And Exterior Paint Brands For Your Home



Picking a paint product can be challenging because of all the different paint brands to choose from, Today, there are a wide variety of paint styles, colors, and finishes available. So, to help homeowners decide between different exterior and interior paint options, we've compared a few of our favorite exterior and interior paint brands.

How To Choose The Right Paint Colors For Your Home



If you work with SFW Painting, we will have a professional paint consultant meet you at your house to help guide you through your interior paint palette. Having an experienced guide makes the process much easier and it will give you confidence that you chose the right paint colors for your home' new interior paint job.

4 Easy Deck Maintenance Tips


Why Deck Maintenance Is Important Your deck is an important part of your home. You decorate it for the holidays, use it for barbecues, family time, kid's playtime, [...]

Painting Exterior House Trim


Here in The Pacific Northwest, you've probably noticed some homes with gorgeous painted trim, fascia, and accents.  Every neighborhood seems to have a couple of standouts.  What is it [...]

Sanding And Filling Is Important


In this video, the SFW Paint Manager describes the process and importance of sanding and filling walls. When working on your home, we want to make sure we do [...]