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Lead Abatement Provides A Final Solution To Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Lead Abatement Certified Paint Contractor

You can count on SFW Construction to do the right thing. That means crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. Lead paint, or lead-based paint, is a serious business. This specific environmental hazard work should only be performed by a Certified Lead Abatement Contractor. At SFW we specialize in lead paint removal and abatement, and we have all the requisite licensure and insurance to perform the work legally. Make sure you trust your home and family to a contractor that knows what they are doing. Insist that your contractor is certified by the state and local municipalities to perform lead paint abatement.

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Lead Abatement

Lead Abatement Benefits

The main benefit of lead paint removal and lead abatement is to have a home free from a serious environmental hazard. The piece of mind knowing that you are protecting your loved ones from potential harm. Another benefit of ridding your home of lead-based paint is resale value.

Why is Lead Paint Dangerous?

Lead paint is a very harmful product that can be found in homes and schools constructed prior to 1978. In 1978 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of lead-based paint in the United States. As a highly toxic metal, lead can cause a number of health issues, most notably in young children and pregnant women. As lead is absorbed into the body it can cause damage to the brain, as well as impede the brain’s development.  It can cause learning disabilities, negatively impact behavior, cause seizures or death. Lead can also cause damage to the kidneys, blood, and nervous system.

When lead paint begins to deteriorate, or adherence bond fails, lead dust and flakes begin to accumulate on surfaces like floors, countertops, window sills, baseboards, furniture, and other household items. On the homes, exterior lead paint and dust can accumulate on decks, patios, and the soil around your house. Small children are prone to putting objects and their hands in their mouth frequently. This greatly increases the risk of ingesting harmful toxins.

Lead Abatement -vs- Lead Safe Renovations

Although they may appear to be similar, there is a big difference in Lead Abatement and RRP (renovation, repair, and painting) activities. Lead Abatement is a highly specialized process that is designed to offer a final solution to lead hazards. RRP activities include slightly disturbing lead paint in conjunction with a larger scope of work like painting, siding, siding, installing windows, and light renovation. Here are some easy ways to differentiate the two.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement

  • Lead-based paint inspections
  • Risk assessments
  • Lead-based paint removal
  • Projects that are designed to permanently eliminate lead paint

Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Activities

  • RRP projects are typically performed for aesthetic or other reasons, or as a stop gap control to minimize lead hazards. RRP is NOT designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards
  • Minor renovations and modifications
  • Stabilizing failing paint in conjunction with a paint job
Lead Abatement
Lead Abatement

Is My Contractor Certified?

If you are having lead paint removed from your home, or you are having lead-based paint permanently eliminated you need a certified Lead Abatement Contractor. As the homeowner it is your responsibility to hire a contractor that is licensed and insured to perform the work. Just like there is a difference in a driver’s license and a commercial driver’s license, there is a difference in a certified abatement firm and a contractor who as an individual RRP certificate.

Make sure you ask questions and ask for proof of insurance. Simply asking if your contractor is ok to work on lead paint will not be enough. If you have an unlicensed contractor perform the work and they contaminate the environment, it is you who could pay the price. If you are having lead abatement done your contractor needs to provide you the following.

  • Certified firm license
  • Certified supervisor license with Health Authority Badge
  • Certified worker license with Health Authority Badge
  • Pollution insurance