In this video SFW Painting explains how lead paint containment is a crucial aspect of every lead paint removal project. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets strict guidelines on lead containment practices that must be followed during any painting or construction endeavor involving disruption or removal of lead paint.

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The reason for this is that lead paint is harmful to human health. Ingestion of lead paint, via breathing lead paint dust particulates or otherwise coming into close contact with lead paint, can cause lead poisoning, also known as lead toxicity, leading to brain and nervous system impairments in adults, developmental and behavioral disorders in children.

The bottom line is that lead is hazardous to human health, very high amounts of which can actually cause death.

In 1978, the EPA banned the use of lead paint in residential homes. Due to these significant health concerns, any painting or construction project involving the removal of lead paint must abide by stringent regulations to extract and remove lead safely.

SFW Painting is a certified lead-safe renovation firm, extensively trained and accredited in established EPA-regulated safe lead paint removal practices. Practicing effective lead containment during exterior painting projects enables a more efficient clean-up process.

Our clients’ commitment is to maintain the integrity and safety of your property by ensuring that all lead paint removed from your home during any painting or construction project is fully contained and safely disposed of.