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Anthology: The Evolving Colors of Colormix ® 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, the anticipation of change with the new year begins to build. However, this can feel overwhelming, particularly in home design, where trends are ever-evolving and constantly showcased on social media. Navigating these shifting trends can be challenging in the constant stream of online information. Sherwin-Williams offers clarity with its annual Colormix Forecast. Their report has just released its latest edition: Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2024 Anthology: Volume One.

Sherwin Williams Colormix 2024 Anthology: Volume One

This year, Sherwin-Williams is taking a new approach to the annual Colormix Forecast.

“We were finding ourselves in a cycle every year where the storytelling around style and trend was becoming more and more prominent. Which, of course, has always been an important part of forecasting. But what we wanted to do was create an environment where we get back to color. Anthology was developed to be that report…”

“It’s going to function more like a report for homeowners around what we’re seeing and where we’re going. It’ll make it easier to bring trending color into the home in a way that can feel truly cohesive from room to room,”” Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, explains.

With a renewed focus on house paint colors, this year’s Colormix Forecast is more of a resource for homeowners and designers than ever. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Blues and Greens: A Perfect Coupling For House Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams’ Colormix® forecasts have consistently highlighted a growing trend in colors ranging from light green to teal and dark navy, along with various shades in between, for several years.

The trend of nature-inspired colors in design is expected to persist, with hues shifting from softer to more intense shades. This evolution signals a deeper embrace of nature’s palette. Blues, whether smoky or rich in tone, are increasingly favored for their ability to foster calmness and mental clarity. Additionally, the popularity of greens remains strong, spanning a broad spectrum of shades. Moreover, blues and greens are beginning to blend, symbolizing our growing bond with the natural world.

Reds, Purples, and Browns Oh My

Since 2020, the Colormix forecasts have highlighted a diverse range of house paint colors, featuring mineral reds from deep to mid-tones, alongside lively, energizing corals and pinks.

Previously, the focus was on reds with warm undertones, cooler pinks, and magenta. However, in the current and upcoming years, the trend in house paint colors is expected to shift. This will likely include more subdued and rich clay tones, pink-beige neutrals, authentic purples, and retro-inspired bright hues leading the way in color selections.

Design trends have recently shifted towards warmer colors, with a noticeable preference for earthy browns over the cooler, grayish browns that were popular earlier in the decade. This change also embraces a thoughtfully selected mix of reds and purples, creating spaces that foster feelings of groundedness and balance.

Dark Colors are on the Rise

As well-being becomes a focus, dark colors are embraced for comfort and stress relief. Since 2020, deep, rich tones have created sanctuary-like, nurturing environments with artisanal flair. These intense colors are gaining steady influence, building strength and impact in design.

In response to global challenges and future uncertainties, vibrant, saturated colors will stay significant in design. Color Forecast experts see these deep tones as a reaction to societal changes. They provide comfort and envelopment, essential for creating modern, soothing spaces. All in all, this color range is expected to counter the rising prominence of brighter tones from 2024 onwards. This ensures a harmonious balance in design palettes.

Delicate House Paint Colors

This color family lies at the heart of modern design, providing a base for designers seeking the perfect foundational white or near-white. Shifting from the stark whites of previous years, 2024 will introduce whites and tints that are richer in texture and emotionally resonant.

The subtle shifts in this color group reflect a growing preference for minimalist aesthetics, offering tranquility and a sense of realignment. Conversely, this trend is gravitating towards deeper, reflective hues. White, long regarded as a pure and calming wellness color, is set to evolve in 2024 and 2025. Specifically, it’s increasingly linked with sustainability, conservation, and the concept of slow living.

This transformation is driven by a focus on reducing excess and consciously consuming. We’re carefully selecting elements, marking a renewed, healing approach to minimalism.

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