House Paint Colors Of The Year For Home: 2024 Colormix

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Sherwin-Williams' Colormix 2024 Anthology: Volume One marks a shift in design trends, focusing on nature-inspired hues from calming blues to vibrant greens. This year's forecast emphasizes deep, soothing tones, offering a sense of tranquility and connection with the natural world.

How Long Will It Take To Paint My House?

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Starting a painting project can significantly enhance your home's look and protection. The timeline depends on your home's size, paint condition, and preparation. This post walks you through the painting process, focusing on exterior steps. Preparation, painting, and drying times vary for each project. Learn how long it will take to transform your home today.

How To Choose A Top-Rated Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint Contractor

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Choosing the right exterior paint contractor is about more than just a fresh coat of paint—it's about making sustainable choices for your home and the planet. Our guide walks you through the steps to find a top-rated, eco-friendly professional who blends style, quality, and environmental responsibility.

How Accurate Are Free Estimates?

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When navigating home improvements like exterior painting, the question that often arises is, "How accurate are free estimates?" Their accuracy depends on various factors: your home's size and condition, material quality, and labor costs. At SFW Painting, we aim to provide the most accurate free estimates to help you plan effectively.

Paint Color Trends To Increase Your Home’s Value

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In 2023, traditional white walls for homes up for sale are becoming passe. Zillow found colorful interiors, especially charcoal gray kitchens, increased home sale prices. Social media's influence has encouraged homeowners to be more adventurous with color. Bold doors and shades like terracotta in bathrooms also boost property value.

House Paint Colors Of The Year For Your Portland Home

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House paint colors. Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2023 propels us into a future that fuses natural beauty and the human spirit with an eye-catching blend of 40 vibrant house paint colors. Immerse yourself in this vivid vision and discover four beautifully curated palettes

Painting Projects You Can Easily Do This Winter

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During the Winter, the weather is cold and rainy making people want to avoid going outside. Enjoying the comfort of our homes may have you pondering the idea of painting your house this year. Why not start now? Winter is the perfect time to tackle interior painting projects and shore up exterior painting estimates for the spring/summer.

Three Interior Paint Projects To Give Your Home A Facelift

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We walk through the entrance of our house almost every day, but do we stop to notice the wear and tear or take a second glance at how everything looks? Just stopping for a minute can allow us to assess the area, helping us know if any paint is faded, discolored, chipping, or outdated.

Should You Paint Or Stain The Cabinets In Your Home?

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We all do it. Stare at our cabinets for minutes, wondering what we will do to get all the memories off of the wood. Whether you are grabbing a mug for some coffee, a plate for dinner, or storing something in your kitchen, it's usually evident if your cabinets need new paint or stain.

Preserve The Interior Of Your Historical Home

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SFW Painting specializes in preserving the interior of your historical home. We start by painting the trim on the interior of older homes, this is an essential step in the painting process. Well-painted trim that contrasts with the walls can make your home look stunning. Our team of professional painters excels at all facets of trim painting and restoration.

Sanding And Filling Is Important

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When working on your home, we want to make sure we do everything we can to provide you the best work possible. Part of this process means taking sanding and filling holes in your wall seriously because if we paint a fresh new coat of paint, we want to be positive the surfaces are ready for it.

Paint Color Consultations

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One of the benefits SFW painting provides for you to make this decision is a paint color consultant who can advise you or provide input on color selection. Paint color consultations are an essential part of the painting process you will not want to skip!