Should You Paint Or Stain The Cabinets In Your Home?



We all do it. Stare at our cabinets for minutes, wondering what we will do to get all the memories off of the wood. Whether you are grabbing a mug for some coffee, a plate for dinner, or storing something in your kitchen, it's usually evident if your cabinets need new paint or stain.

Three Interior Paint Projects To Give Your Home A Facelift



We walk through the entrance of our house almost every day, but do we stop to notice the wear and tear or take a second glance at how everything looks? Just stopping for a minute can allow us to assess the area, helping us know if any paint is faded, discolored, chipping, or outdated.

Did Quarantine Get The Best Of Your Interior Paint?



Eight months into the COVID-19 quarantine and the interior paint in your home is probably looking a bit dull and begging for a refresh. You may not remember what your interior paint looked like back in March. Even if you have a fresh coat of paint, quarantine probably stressed it more than you think.

Sanding And Filling Is Important


In this video, the SFW Paint Manager describes the process and importance of sanding and filling walls. When working on your home, we want to make sure we do everything we can to provide you the best work possible. [...]

Paint Color Consultations


In this video, the SFW Paint Manager explains how the process of picking the right paint colors for your home is important. One of the benefits SFW painting provides for you to make this decision is a paint color [...]

Is House Paint Affected By Humidity?


What is humidity and is your house paint affected by it? Humidity means that there are particles of moisture in the air that can negatively affect interior painting projects. Damp air makes it difficult for the paint to dry, [...]

Paint Projects You Can Do In The Winter



During the Winter, the weather is cold and rainy making people want to avoid going outside. Especially with COVID-19, people are not able to go outside and move around the community as we’re used to. As much as we may be tired of it, enjoying the comfort of our homes may have you pondering the idea of painting your house for the upcoming New Year.

Interior House Painting


The video highlights much of the prep work, including covering windows, trim, stairs, walls surfaces and furniture with plastic sheeting to prevent paint spattering in unwanted places. The video demonstrates proper safe practices of using a ladder indoors and storing painting supplies [...]