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Three Small Interior Paint Projects That Make An Impact

As we walk through the entrance of our house, do we stop to notice the wear and tear? Or take a second glance at how everything looks? Just stopping for a minute can allow you to assess the area, letting you know if any paint is faded, discolored, chipping, or outdated. Therefore, if you see your paint is worn or damaged, it may be a good idea to get a paint job. However, customers often discover they may not even need interior painting or an exterior paint job right away, and just an immediate facelift would do. For instance, the high traffic interior areas are one thing we recommend to some customers if you have minor areas that need a repaint; doors, trim, and bathrooms.

Update The Color On Doors Of Your House

From the moment you enter your home, you want it to feel warm and welcoming. How do you do that? A good starting point would be to make the entrance grand, and best fit your home. We recommend starting by first repainting the front door, which will give your home an instant boost of curb appeal and freshness. Also, adding high color contrast can make the fine details of your door stand out. After that, you may have a few different doors around your house that need new or updated paint. Therefore, painting the doors of your house changes your home’s overall appearance, whether someone drives by and sees your entry door or someone is walking through your home. 

Give Your Trim A Refreshed Looked

In addition to the doors, your interior trim could use a refresh. Trim is an essential part of your house located all-around your home’s interior and exterior. The interior trim can be nasty and grubby from wear and tear. Especially if you have kids, and it has been a while since the last paint job. The exterior trim can get gross and damaged from the elements and pests. Therefore, you can try to clean the trim, even use a Magic Eraser! But, the only way to make your house look one-hundred percent updated is to have the trim perfectly prepped and painted, including masking and taping.

Update The Paint In Your Bathrooms

The last recommendation we have to give the interior of your home an immediate facelift would be to refresh your bathrooms. Bathrooms get a lot of traffic in your house, and if it is a full bathroom, the steam and water from the shower can wear on the paint quicker. Bathrooms tend to be smaller areas of the house, requiring to move little or no furniture. One quick refresh would be to paint or stain your cabinets.

In conclusion, all three recommendations provided give the homeowner a quick and easy way to make their home feel updated. Above all, your home will also feel inviting and welcoming for any people you invite over. 

About SFW Painting

Interior painting is one of the many projects SFW Painting can help you with during the cold and wet winter months. Since interior painting can be done in the winter months, it can save you both time and money that can be used for an extra project in the future. Or, just some much-needed R&R outside.

SFW Painting only uses the highest quality paints and materials available. We have the appropriate equipment, skills, crews, and certifications to handle any paint or lead paint stabilization project.

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