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Here in The Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably noticed some homes with gorgeous painted trim, fascia, and accents.  Every neighborhood seems to have a couple of standouts.  What is it that makes these homes so beautiful? By painting trim and accents, you can add beauty, personality, and striking contrast to your home. At SFW Painting, we excel at detail work and execution. Meaning clean lines, coating, separating the body color from the trim color with a precise cut edge, and concealing brush strokes are what sets apart our craftsmanship.

Picking The Right Paint Color For Your Exterior Trim

We are here to help you select the color or colors and the sheen that will accent your home with your own personal style.  A lot of subtlety can go into this choice.  A semi-gloss or gloss sheen is often a good choice for painting trim, while lower sheen paints are often chosen for the body of the house.  This will give those accents that shine that looks great year-round and just explodes when the sun hits it!  As for color, should you go for a sophisticated darker trim on lighter siding or a more classic lighter trim on darker siding?  These are two of the most common options we see.

However, some homes can benefit from multiple colors and shades.  For example, one color around the windows might look nice with a completely different color on the eaves and gables.  Sometimes different shades of the same color will work wonders to go with a bright accent around your windows.  When using shades and tints of colors, you can maximize the colors used in your home without feeling like the colors are getting completely out of control.  These decisions can be tough. SFW Painting can help you with the sometimes overwhelming selection process and we listen to your ideas so we can execute your vision.

Professional Paint Contractor

Working with a clean and dry surface is important when painting trim.  Be sure and look for any signs of mildew as this will eventually discolor paint and discourage adhesion. Scrubbing, scraping, and pressure washing is an excellent way to remove dirt and grime, leaving a clean prepped surface for paint.  The taping and masking of windows and covering porches, decks, and other areas you want to keep free of paint is, perhaps, the most tedious part of the process.  It also may be the most crucial.  If this part is done right, painting the trim can go relatively quickly.  When painting trim, always choose the largest brush possible. It always looks nicer to cut one or two nice strokes. Multiple brush strokes and dabs can lead to visible imperfections.

Professional Paint Contractor Credentials

SFW Painting excels at painting trim, accents, gables, eaves, and any exterior painting project you can dream of.  Since we also work with SFW Construction, we understand the importance of repairing and replacing damaging sources of moisture.  We always fix and replace any source of mildew, mold, and dry rot.  We always properly tape off and cover all areas that don’t need to be coated in paint.  And, of course, we are happy to give professional advice. Painting trim and home exteriors in the Pacific Northwest is what we do.