In this video, the SFW Paint Manager explains how the process of picking the right paint colors for your home is important. One of the benefits SFW painting provides for you to make this decision is a paint color consultant who can advise you or provide input on color selection. Paint color consultations are an essential part of the painting process you will not want to skip!

Prior to painting your home however, you will want to get any pending work done. Let us know if we can take care of any projects for you including historical home restorations, lead paint removal, and lead paint encapsulation.

SFW Painting Provides Paint Color Consultations

As the Pacific Northwest leader in home renovations, SFW provides color consultations to all paint customers. During the painting process, consultants will assist you in picking colors that bring out the best in your home. They bring your ideas to life by translating colors to paint numbers, using an accurate historical palette, or by creating a unique paint scheme designed just for your home.

After the paint color consultations, we hope you have an easier time picking colors. We continue to provide this service because many customers appreciate having someone assist them in deciding paint colors. If you still are not sure of the color choice’s we can paint samples on the wall allowing you to see the properties of each color. Color samples enable the homeowner to confirm the paint colors chosen and imagine what the ceilings, walls, trims, and accents will look like once the project is complete.

Benefits Of Paint Color Consultations

If you choose to work with SFW Painting on your next paint project and have paint color consultations the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • A new look for your the interior and exterior of your house
    • Trim, accents, patterns, and styles that will differentiate your house from the neighborhood
  • Increase in home’s value
    • An affordable investment with great future-benefits
  • Improved ambiance and style
    • Make it feel like a new home with different paint colors and a professional paint job
  • Update the walls of your home
    • Clean marks, scuffs, stains, and minor damages with a new coat of paint
  • Painting is considered regular maintenance on the exterior and interior of your home
    • This can help you maintain the condition of your home, reduce extra costs in the future and protect your house against bad weather conditions

Why Choose SFW Painting?

Besides the added benefit of having paint color consultations, our crews do an exceptional job of painting homes from start to finish. We follow all essential steps of the painting process and restore homes to their original neat and orderly condition after completing the paintwork. From setup to tear-down, SFW painting will catch the tiny details, protect your home with top-grade materials, and bring out the style of your home. We have all the appropriate equipment, skills, crews, and certifications to handle any paint or lead renovation projects so, contact us today!