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The average quality paint job can last from five to ten years, depending on several different factors. One of the more popular questions we often get is, “How do I maintain my house paint job to get the most out it?” Well, if you want your new paint job to last and stay beautiful check out some of our paint tips and the section below on some of the main factors that can increase the life of a paint job.

Increase The Life Of Your Paint Job

Start by using a trained professional paint contractor, one who:

  • Uses High-Quality Paint
  • Pays Special Attention To Preparation
  • Performs Routine Maintenance

A Trained Professional Paint Contractor Can Help Maintain House Paint

Hopefully, you used a highly skilled painting contractor for your paint job, so you know you received quality prep work, and only high-quality paint products used. And you can’t control the weather, so the only thing you can personally do now is conduct routine maintenance. Now you’re asking yourself what I can do to maintain the exterior paint job on my house.

Routine Maintenance

One of the main factors in exterior home maintenance is keeping the trees, grass, and dirt off your house. Ideally, you want all plant life cut back at least six inches from your home’s siding and paint. When your home encounters plant life, it causes your siding to get wet and hold moisture, and eventually, dry rot can start. Having plants in contact with your home also allows bugs and insects a clear pathway to move in and make homes in your siding.

Another excellent maintenance factor is routine upkeep on your home’s caulking and touchup paint. Damaged and worn caulking can cause water to enter the siding material and cause damage to the wood resulting in peeling paint and the paint losing its ability to adhere to the material. Touchup paint is an excellent idea for any small areas that are wearing faster than the rest of the home. Routine touchups can maintain paint health, extend the life of your paint and save you money on the prep work when you are ready for a completely new exterior paint job.