This video features time-lapse footage of the entire painting project process of exterior house painting, from prepping the home by protecting the windows with plastic sheeting and covering the trim, ground, lighting fixtures, patio, bushes and lawn furniture with tarp to applying the initial and final coats of house paint to the home.

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The video demonstrates the extensive work and attention to detail that is required to conduct a complete exterior house painting project.

With classical music accompanying the time-lapse footage, the video presents a whimsical look at how an SFW Painting project transforms the weathered and fading exterior of a home to an updated and repainted version.

One can see that the transformation is significant and better understand how one’s own home could be improved through professional exterior painting.

Trying to decide how to choose a paint contractor? Look no further, SFW Painting provides comprehensive professional painting on any home, including homes that are in various states of dilapidation. As a certified lead safe renovation firm, the Company provides safe removal of lead paint in paint projects involving older homes. And they also offer remodeling and carpentry work when needed, which is provided through their parent company SFW Construction, a full scale licensed general contractor.

Having one source provide all your home refurbishing needs is practical and economic. SFW Painting prides itself on being able to offer a full range of home painting, carpentry and remodeling work. As a values-based company, they provide the utmost of care when working on your home, ensuring that all work proceeds in the safest and most effective manner possible. If possible, conduct an exterior paint checkup, if you want your house painted or looking to paint your house before you sell it, contact us today!