Lead Based Paint Removal Experts

SFW Painting is the painting company to use in the greater Portland area for any Lead Based paint issues you are having with your home.

Project Financing Available
Painting Financing Available

House Painters are not all equal…
SFW Painting is VERY different

  • We are certified in Lead Paint Removal
  • We are home exterior painting experts
  • We can help you pick out the perfect color for your home
  • Experts at historical and vintage restoration
  • Staff in house construction crews that specialize in dry rot and siding repair

Lead Based Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal

The EPA stated lead based paint was considered the “number one environmental threat to the health of children.”

Historic Homes

Historic Homes Portland Oregon

At SFW Painting, we specialize in Historic House Painting and Vintage Restoration in Portland and Vancouver. We have a passion for working on older homes.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Experts

We’re home exterior experts. Preparation and attention to small details can make up 80% of the quality and durability of a paint job. 

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Fine interior painting is both an art and a science. A great paint job is more than just paint on a wall. 

SFW Painting is Portland, Oregon’s premier, full-service residential & commercial painting contractor. We treat each every home like Monet treats a canvas. From the prep work to the final clean-up, we execute paint projects with a professionalism and attention to detail that’s unlikely to be matched by other Portland paint contractors.

SFW Painting Exterior Painting Pros

Contact us today and tell us about your house painting needs! 

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I highly recommend using SFW Painting to do any maintenance project you have.
I had three different, difficult projects that were one after the other. Sandra in scheduling was readily available making getting an appointment easy, Nancy in Billing kept me updated everyday so I could keep an eye on the price and was prompt and clear with the invoice when the project was done. I had Christian come and check on quality control and satisfaction. Greg, Chuck, and Alex were friendly, extremely knowledgeable project managers who fixed my severe dry rot, siding and window installations.
Jord the Painter was very nice and luckily for me a perfectionist. He even color matched the color because we couldn’t find the old paint can. Overall SFW Painting is an A+ business to work with.


House Painting Services Offered at SFW Painting

Power Washing – Dirt and grit are the bane of any paint job. Every house, prior to staining, priming, or painting, should be thoroughly pressure washed and water tested. Power washing can unveil dry rot and other minor siding repair which could compromise your house paint if left uncorrected.

Masking – Masking, taping and dry clothes are the easiest way to protect your home’s value while completing an exterior paint job. We make sure to cover sidewalks, trees, bushed, and all other details before performing any work.

Bondo and wood filler repairs – Some small scratches, dents, and holes cause no water intrusion issues, but can be an eyesore. Our painters will choose the proper repair technique and correct any issues masterfully.

Dry Rot Repairs – Other siding issues pose major problems to your home’s ability to repel water and other elements of natures. It’s important to take the time to correct these problems at the root to ensure long lasting, beautiful exterior paint.

Lead Abatement – Homes built before 1978 (even after 😎 ) can have exterior paint that contains lead. If handled improperly, let particulates could pose a danger to your family and neighbors. We have licensed lead abatement specialist who can diagnose, test, and properly manage your lead paint project.

Full re-caulking – Failed caulking is another common source of water damage issues. In most cases when it’s time to paint, it’s time to caulk to. Most of our painting bids include full caulking.

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