What Is The Best Paint Brand To Use For My Home?

We often hear that picking a paint product can be challenging because of all the different paint brands to choose from, and the wide variety of paint styles, colors, and finishes. So, to help homeowners decide between different paint options, we compared a few of our favorite interior and exterior paint brands.

Exterior Paint

SuperPaint does an excellent job protecting homes against the elements we see here in the Pacific Northwest. With the weather ranging from hot summers to cold, wet winters, you will want to make sure that your exterior house paint can withstand fading and peeling. SuperPaint does just that; it’s long-lasting, delivers outstanding performance with adhesion and color retention. Sherwin Williams also offers dirt and mildew resistant coating to protect your home from any other exterior stains. SuperPaint comes in flat, low lustre, satin, gloss, and high gloss.

Sherwin Williams Superpaint Interior And Exterior Paint Brands

A technologically advanced coating formulated with 100% pure acrylic copolymer resin for prolonged adhesion. After preparing the exterior surface correctly, we can apply paint to surfaces, including wood, composite, metal, concrete, stucco, and block. It’s self-priming, mildew, mold and algae resistant, and bridges minor gaps. Miller paint covers the Evolution with a lifetime warranty and offers a flat, velvet, and satin finish.

Miller Paint Evolution Interior And Exterior Paint Brands

Interior Paint

Emerald Acrylic Latex Paint has advanced stain-blocking technology to deliver an interior house paint finish, unlike many other styles and brands. Many customers recommend this highly rated interior paint as they have been pleased with its smooth and stunning finish. One of the properties Emerald is known for, in particular, is preventing stains from penetrating the paint; this includes preventing water spots and streaks. The finished paint product does an incredible job of providing a washable and durable paint that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the surface. Emerald is available in four sheens, flat, satin, matte, and semi-gloss.

Sherwin Williams (Emerald) Interior And Exterior Paint Brands

A premium acrylic white primer/sealer designed by Rodda Paint to seal and lay-down drywall paper fuzz for smooth topcoats. With Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), no odor application with excellent hide and coverage will help eliminate texture variations to provide a uniform finish for top-coating.

Rodda Paint Horizon Interior And Exterior Paint Brands

We Work With Homeowners To Fit Their Needs

Like a different interior or exterior paint brand or style? Need help choosing the right paint colors for your home? Do not worry we can work with any style or brand of paint you want. As a local contractor, we want to work with you and meet or exceed any specific home paint or repair requests you need.