Simplify The Paint Process

Painting the interior or exterior of your house can be a challenging process, and it starts with picking the paint itself. Choosing the right paint color for your home takes time, with a variety of colors to pick from, multiple paint brands to supply you, and different styles of paint, your options are endless!  So, whether you walk into a paint store, look at colors online, or do research on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram, it may still be difficult to narrow your options down to a few paint colors. Luckily for you, there are many resources available such as the ColorSnap tool provided by Sherwin Williams, a paint consultant provided by SFW Painting, and testing paint samples before making a final decision.

ColorSnap Tool By Sherwin Williams

So, where do you begin? With all the choices you have at your fingertips, how do you know you are choosing the right colors? That the colors will flow and coordinate well with each room? Or transition well from the exterior to the interior? These are all critical questions to ask yourself before making a decision. One way to get an idea of what specific paint colors would look like is by trying out any of the Sherwin Williams Color Tools including our favorite, the ColorSnap tool!

ColorSnap Visualizer

ColorSnap Visualizer Example

*Example Of Customer Using ColorSnap Tool On His House

Professional Paint Consultation

Once you have tested out the ColorSnap tool and found some paint colors you are interested in, you can narrow down your search before talking to a Professional Paint Consultant. If you decide to work with SFW Painting, we will have a paint consultant come out to your house and help guide you through your home paint palette. Having someone experienced to guide you through the process makes it easier to pick colors that go together well, giving you confidence that you made the right decision. As a contracting company, we continue to provide this service because many customers appreciate having someone assist them in deciding paint colors. If you still are not sure of the color choices, we can paint samples on the wall allowing you to see the properties of each color.

Color To Go By Sherwin Williams

Instead of guessing if you picked the right color, you could be sure by getting a paint sample from the Color To-Go paint samples at Sherwin Williams. You can choose to sample any of the 1,500 colors and experiment. It’s best to try with the paint on the surface; it will be painted on so you can see what it looks like on the surface, with the lighting and décor. By sampling the paint, you can pick between your favorite colors and make the tough decision of finalizing paint colors, easy instead!

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Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Home!

If you are looking to paint the interior or exterior of your home you may already know what paint colors you want. If you have not decided on paint colors follow our guide on your way to making the right choice on the paint color for your house. Not only does SFW Painting deliver the highest-quality painting for your house, but we pride ourselves on delivering to you the precise color scheme and style to suit your taste.