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Different Types Of Paint Style

Choosing an exterior paint color scheme to match the design of your home and the style you want to emphasize can be a daunting task. Then again, being a responsible homeowner is no small accomplishment – so if you’ve gotten that far, we think you’re up for the challenge!

SFW Painting helps homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest choose the right paint style to match their home design. We also provide complete exterior house painting. Call today for a free estimate on selecting an exterior paint style that is perfect for your home!

Four Main Home Designs and Paint Styles

Like paint color schemes, homes come in various styles and designs. The four main categories are traditional, modern, eclectic, and farmhouse.

Traditional Home Design

  • Classic, simple yet elegant, and easy on the eyes. Traditional paint styles feature paint colors that are mild and neutral. They are congruent with the surrounding environment and fit in with the overall home aesthetic. Color styles tend to incorporate shades of white or grey, sometimes arcing into lighter shades of green and blue and red accents.

Modern Home Design

  • A bit sleeker, sometimes constructed with contemporary materials like metal and even plastic, offset with natural wood. Like traditional styles, modern paint styles tend to be clean, yet they veer off more notably into bolder colors, deeper greys, bluer blues, and a range of yellow and green.

Eclectic Home Design

  • Playful, striking, and experimental. Invented in the 1950s, the geodesic dome is an extreme example of a diverse design. If your home design is newer and challenging to describe, chances are it falls into this category. Paint colors to match eclectic designs correspond with a more open-ended aesthetic, brighter and more striking combinations. Colors like mustard yellow and intense teal – all based on your stylistic interpretation.

Modern Farm Home Design

  • A true classic, typically constructed with wood, emphasizing comfort and spaciousness that is also cozy and endearing. Natural and earth tone paint colors tend to sport well in this home design. But, who knows, perhaps you want to combine a farmhouse paint style with the eclectic and create your colorful wonderland!

A Variety of Home Designs and Paint Style Combos

Ranch Home Design

  • Single-story structures spanning a considerable horizontal distance, making bright colors inadvisable as they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Neutral, earthy colors like browns, beige, and gray, sometimes mixed with natural stone accents, seem most suitable for this design style.

Rustic Cottage Home Design

  • An array of earthy colors and textures. Stained wood mixed with deep greens and offset with white or light blue patches is a very appealing cottage paint style, often also accented with a natural stone chimney.

Mediterranean Home Design

  • Somewhat unusual in the Pacific Northwest, but folks here have great imaginations, and this style works on the coastline. Exterior stucco walls painted with coral or tan and accented with gold or turquoise paint a lovely vision. Sunny-colored terra-cotta walls accented by brown or green trim and shutters are also an incredibly evocative mix.

Victorian Home Design

  • This fanciful home design tends to feature bold and striking colors. The elaborate decorative details of these historic homes lend them to include at least three distinct colors that are typical to offset and contrast with each other in a complementary and imaginative manner. Paint colors often include playful combinations of bright primary hues and sometimes even far-out pinks or purples.

Craftsman Home Design

  • An American classic that often entails earthy paint style color schemes, such as browns, greens, tans, sometimes accented with cream-colored trim and a wood door. These homes appear rugged yet relaxed, blending well with an earthy landscape.

Tudor Home Design

  • A style hailing from Medieval England, most Tudor homes in America were constructed in the early 20th century. A classic home design that features plentiful sprawls of brick, stucco, and wood, most paint styles accompanying the Tudor home entail cream or ivory mixed with hues of brown. As a unique and historic home, paint styles are best when simple.

Free Estimate on Exterior Paint Style

SFW Painting has advised homeowners on paint color styles to match their home designs for decades. We work with you to achieve the dream home aesthetic you desire. Our ultimate goal is to help you create a home you will cherish for years.

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Winning Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Although the sky may be the limit on exterior paint colors that strike your fancy, here are a few established combinations.

  • Taupe with white trim and a red door creates a striking image that works well on traditional home designs.
  • Bright yellow with aqua blue shutters and cream trim is a light-hearted and uplifting combination that is especially enchanting with a stained wood door.
  • Charcoal and grey-blue accents with white trim and a lime door creates an eye-catching effect that matches a modern home design.
  • Straw with sage shutters and white trim achieves a very mild color style effect that is thoroughly calming. This paint color style does wonders on a traditional home design such as a Craftsman.
  • Turquoise with butter yellow and white accent walls mixed with natural wood is a superb paint style combination that augments an eclectic style home, especially in a coastal region.

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SFW Painting is a professional paint contractor in the Pacific Northwest. We use only the highest quality paints and materials available. Additionally, we have the appropriate equipment, skills, crews, and certifications to handle any exterior paint job or lead paint stabilization project.

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