Painting your house can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to painting your home’s exterior.  In this article I am going to discuss some of the fine details that will make the painting process easier from the start.  In fact, the start of the house painting process is where most of the magic happens.  If these first few steps are done right, most of the big stuff will practically fall into place.

House Painting Tip #1 – Caulking

Use top-quality caulking.  There is a huge difference between top-shelf brands and bargain-basement brands. Don’t skimp on the caulking.  This is used to fill any areas that are not smooth or need to be built up. But most importantly, caulking is used in potential problem areas where water infiltration may be a concern.  You see here that we use caulking at every joint in siding, along edges, and at corners.

House Painting Tip #2 – Masking

The next step may be the most time-consuming part.  It may also be the most neglected but most important of these house painting tips.  Proper masking is essential for any house painting job. But what does masking entail?  Masking is the taping and covering of all windows, doors, and other edge areas that you do not wish to cover in paint.  Attention to detail is your friend when masking.  Don’t be afraid to redo it several times especially when first starting.  It takes practice to get your lines right. The straighter and more accurate your masking, the better your painting is going to look.

This is what your masking lines around your windows and doors should look like.  It takes time and patience to get it done right!

House Painting Tip #3 – Ground cover and Masking

A good ground cover begins with proper masking right up to the edge of the house.  Don’t forget to mask all around the edges of your deck and the entire base of your home!

Now cover everything with drop cloths.  This is includes your deck, shrubbery and gardens, concrete, fences, and anything else you don’t wait to get sprayed. BONUS TIP: Don’t leave plants covered too long in the direct sun. This can turn the leaves brown or even kill your plants.

House Painting Tip #4 – Use an Airless Sprayer

This is an absolute must.  If you’ve never seen an airless at work, it is truly a wonder to behold.  I really can’t imagine an exterior house painting without one.  Practice in some test areas (a back of a garage or shed is perfect). Take your time when applying with smooth even coatings from side to side.  If your masking is done right this is the easy part, though it can get tricky if you have to mask and cover your roof to paint the upper reaches of your home.

You can rent an airless sprayer for the weekend.  Just be sure you do all of your masking ahead of time.  This will take much longer than the actual spraying.  If it sounds like too much work, just leave it to the pros at SFW painting!  Give us a call and we’ll take care of it.