The video highlights much of the prep work, including covering windows, trim, stairs, walls surfaces and furniture with plastic sheeting to prevent paint spattering in unwanted places.

The video demonstrates proper safe practices of using a ladder indoors and storing painting supplies on a ground tarp.

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Step-By-Step Nature of the Process

In particular, the video demonstrates the step by step nature of the process of an indoor painting project as conducted by SFW Painting. The video also displays the clean-up process in which SFW Painting restores the home to its original neat and orderly condition after completing the interior painting work.

Through courteous interactions with clients and intensive collaboration of work efforts amongst paint employees, SFW Painting provides interior home painting that is nearly seamless in every way. Although the home shown in the video is fairly modern and in good shape, SFW Painting also conducts paint restoration and carpentry on older homes that either have lead paint or are in a state of disrepair.

SFW Painting is able to conduct structural repairs on older homes via their parent company SFW Construction, a full scale licensed general contractor with over a decade of successful professional experience throughout the northwest. As an accredited lead-safe restoration firm, the Company is also able to safely remove lead paint from homes.