In this video, the SFW Paint Manager describes the process and importance of painting the trim on the interior of an older home. He provides valuable information on how we can preserve the interior of your historical home and protect your investment.

Trim Painting Is Essential For Interior Painting On Older Homes

SFW Painting specializes in preserving the interior of your historical home. We start by painting the trim on the interior of older homes, this is an essential step in the painting process. Well painted trim that contrasts with the walls can make your home look stunning. Our team of professional painters excels at all facets of trim painting and restoration. We start by adequately containing the workspace before we sand, prime, and fill the areas necessary to obtain a smooth surface. After this, we spray two coats of finish on all the trim before we paint the walls and ceiling. Applying two thick layers of paint to the trim after we have primed and sanded creates a beautiful, sturdy, and durable finish. For historical or vintage, the application we use is a unique oil-based primer before other coats.

Quote from the homeowner:

“One of the things we decided was we were going to have the trim a separate color to really show off the details of the craftsmen’s workmanship.”

Paint Spray Versus Paint Brush

So, we have sprayed an oil-based primer, finished with the sanding, smoothing, and filling. The trim has been sprayed (if possible) with two coats of trim paint, and we are ready to paint the walls before finishing the project with the ceiling. After this, we must decide between using an airless spray and a paintbrush. An airless spray is mostly dependent upon how properly contained the area can be. We enjoy using the airless paint sprayer because it gives you optimal results, a flawless look, and a brush-mark free finish. Unfortunately, it is not possible for every home. However, do not worry if we must use a brush, our crews are master painters. They know what to add to the paint, what tools to use, and how to use them to prevent brush marks.

Bring The Best Out Of Your Historical Home

Not all paint jobs are equal, especially if you want to bring out the best features of your home. Preserve the interior of your historical home by hiring the right contractor. If you have SFW paint your house, we can make it flawless by using the industry’s best practices and materials, following a step-by-step process, and by offering a paint color consultation.