This video on the Festool Sander demonstrates how lead paint removal specialists at SFW Painting remove layers of dangerous lead paint from historic homes through use of advanced tools and machinery.

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One important machine used to remove lead paint from wood floors is the Festool HEPA Sander, which functions through suctioning lead paint particulates into a Festool Dust Extractor system. This process ensures that the lead paint is removed from the wood floor without causing dust particulates of lead paint to be emitted into the home atmosphere.

Why a closed system for lead dust particles?

Ensuring a closed system for the extracted lead paint is very important because lead paint dust floating in the air or settling upon home surfaces is unsafe. Ingesting lead paint dust through breathing it in or through making contact with it inadvertently can cause lead poisoning, which has been documented by the US government and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cause a host of health problems, including impairment of the nervous system and brain functions, seizures, and anemia. Worst of all, lead poisoning in children can cause developmental disabilities and behavioral problems.

The EPA banned the use of lead paint in 1978 as it was recognized to be a seriously hazardous substance to human health, especially children. This is why SFW Painting approaches lead paint removal so seriously, employing only top-of-the-line technologies to do so in the most efficacious and safest manner possible. Our ultimate commitment is to leave your home safer and more beautiful than it was before we walked through the door.