This video describes how SFW Painting uses the Festool Dust Extractor in conjunction with the Festool HEPA Sander to accomplish the removal of lead paint from homes.

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In accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory standards, the Festool Dust Extractor removes 100% of the dust particulates created by the Festool HEPA Sander. This means absolutely no lead paint particulates are released into the air during an SFW Painting lead removal process, making it a 100% safe procedure that you and your family can rely upon.

In fact, SFW Painting is so intent on ensuring that every single lead removal process is completely safe, they keep three Festool Dust Extractors on every SFW Painting truck at all times – just to be sure. There isn’t a better professional lead paint dust extractor available on the market and SFW Painting spares no expense to ensure that our lead paint removal work in your home is entirely effective and safe.

SFW Painting thinks this is the least they can do since the EPA banned the use of lead paint for homes in 1978 due to recognition of the health hazards it presented – which include nervous system and brain function impairments in adults and developmental and behavioral disturbances in children.

The purpose of SFW Painting lead removal is to make your home a safer place to live; along those lines the Company is fully committed to making lead paint removal a safe and effective procedure.