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Exterior House Painting: A Guide

Transforming the exterior of your house with a fresh coat of paint is a significant undertaking that breathes new life into your home. Painting the outside of your house isn’t just about picking a color and using a brush. At SFW Painting, we’re experienced exterior house painters and do more. We follow a careful process that ensures our work is top quality and that you’re happy with the results. Let’s run through our 3-step exterior house painting process. 

Step 1: House Painting Estimate

The journey of home painting begins with an extensive assessment of the entire project. As the first step in our streamlined three-stage process, we thoroughly inspect the scope of the work. This involves the painting requirements and any necessary repair work, such as addressing dry rot or other structural issues.

Your House, Your Schedule

We understand that our clients lead busy lives, and flexibility is critical. Therefore, to accommodate various schedules, we offer an electronic bid option. In this scenario, one of our experienced exterior house paint supervisors will measure your home at a prearranged time. They will then communicate all necessary bid details via phone or email, allowing you to receive a comprehensive estimate at your convenience.

With SFW Painting, the first step is always thorough and tailored to your needs. Which sets the tone for a smooth and efficient exterior house painting process.

Step 2: Diligent Exterior House Painting Preparation

The second step of our house painting process typically demands the most time and effort. Careful preparation is essential when your painting project involves more complex issues such as water damage, dry rot, siding replacement, or lead-based paint removal.

Before a single brush stroke is made, we undertake a rigorous preparation phase. This includes washing, scraping, and sanding the surfaces to be painted. Such preparation ensures optimal paint adhesion. This produces a more durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. We also meticulously mask all windows and doors to protect them during painting and minimize post-painting cleanup.

Paint Inspection

The expert painters at SFW Painting have vast experience and have witnessed a variety of exterior house painting scenarios. Still, we aim to minimize any unforeseen challenges that might delay the painting process. Therefore, before we commence any physical preparation, we conduct a detailed inspection of your home’s exterior.

Exterior Home Repairs

If our inspection reveals additional minor repairs to the siding or trim, we’ll inform you before proceeding with repairs. We aren’t just exterior house painters; we also have a team of skilled carpenters that can repair almost any issue. Saving you the need and extra cost of hiring an additional contractor!

House Power Washing

Your house is about to experience top-to-bottom scrubbing! Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate, leading to premature paint job failures due to poor adhesion. That’s why our painters will pressure wash your siding, gutters, trim, and any other areas slated for painting, ensuring a clean surface for optimal paint adhesion.

Paint Scraping and Sanding

After a thorough pressure wash, some homes are priming-ready. In contrast, others may still have leftover paint that needs to be scraped or sanded. No matter the case, our team is prepared to take on this task to create the best possible surface for the new paint.


While abstract splashes may work for Jackson Pollock, we’re guessing you would appreciate something other than that style on your home. That’s why we use the latest taping and masking products, such as 3M’s Static Sheeting.

We’ve Got It Covered…Literally!

Our paint trailer is equipped with a wide variety of drop cloths designed to protect your walkways, plants, garden beds, fencing, and appliances during the painting process. Concerned about your garden? Fear not! We use Tyvek breathable drop cloths that allow your plants to thrive during our work. Rest assured, we never use polyethylene sheeting.

This second step in our process sets the stage for a flawless exterior paint job, with our team at SFW Painting meticulously prepping your home for its transformation.

Step 3: Applying Exterior House Paint

The third step of our house painting process is where the magic happens. This is the exciting part: we piece everything together, sealing your home with caulk, priming the surfaces, and finally, applying fresh new paint.


Paint and caulk form the primary barrier between your home and water intrusion. As such, any paint job should involve removing and replacing old, deteriorating caulk. Our paint estimates cover caulking not just your siding but all aspects of your home, from the rooftop to the foundation.


Exterior house paint doesn’t adhere to all surfaces equally. A primer is designed to seal the wood and create a suitable surface for the paint to grip. At SFW Painting, we utilize a variety of primers, from standard residential primers to bonding primers. Bonding primers not only smooth out defects but can also encapsulate and safely contain old lead-based paint.

Portland Exterior House Painting

Different areas of your home call for different exterior home painting techniques. Regardless of the method, you can rest assured that we use the most suitable technique. Efficiency and quality are our dual focus during this critical stage of the process!

The third step is when the careful planning and diligent preparation from the first two steps pay off. The transformation of your home comes to life as the skilled exterior house painters at SFW Painting apply the finishing touches, breathing new life into your abode.

SFW Painting: Top-Quality Exterior House Painters

As a leading exterior house painter, we’re committed to more than just enhancing your home’s curb appeal. We understand that exterior painting serves as a protective shield for your house against the elements and signs of aging. This realization underpins our dedication to delivering visually pleasing results and long-lasting, high-quality finishes.

Our detailed exterior house painting method and skilled crew promise careful and precise work on every project we take on. At SFW Painting, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we strive to surpass your expectations at every phase of the process.

Embrace the transformation a high-quality, professional exterior house painting service can bring to your home. Experience SFW Painting’s unwavering dedication to quality, excellent customer service, and superior results. Start your journey with us today by reaching out for your free estimate.