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SFW Painting Specializes in Exterior Home Painting

If you’re looking to have the exterior of your Salem home painted by experienced professional painters, you’ve come to the right place! SFW Painting conducts a range of top-notch Salem exterior home painting, such as conventional residential coatings, historical home painting, lead removal and encapsulation, and restoration painting.

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Excellent Exterior Home Painting Starts with Effective Prep Work

You can think of the exterior painted surface of your home as one huge canvas. In this case, the canvas has been sitting outside in the rain and snow, the wind and the weather, and exposed to the natural elements for many years. If a painter chose such a canvas to paint on, the options would be very limited due to all the wear and tear and build-up of foreign materials on the canvas. That’s why our Salem exterior home painting process beings with prep work.

First, we pressure wash the exterior of your home to remove all the grime, mildew and moss, the dust, dirt, and detritus that have accumulated over the years. Then we scrape the entire surface to remove all the wear and tear, the peeling paint and any other remaining materials that are extraneous to our objectives. Once we’ve arrived at a scoured and polished exterior home surface, then we’re ready to paint!

Did we mention that we also thoroughly seal the cracks and crevices in your home with NP-150 SONOLASTIC caulking? This procedure ensures that the painted surfaces of your Salem home will be weatherproof and waterproof.

Exterior Home Painting SalemUnique Paint Job, Salem, Oregon
Exterior Home Painting SalemExterior Paint, Salem, Oregon

A Perfect Primer For Your Exterior Home Painting

The first coat of paint is the primer. The primer is just as important as the final coat because the primer further seals your home and serves as an especially effective surface upon which to lay the final coat of paint. And we use only the finest paints – Sherwin Williams, Miller, and Rodda – for both primer and final coats. We can also use specialty bonding primers if you need them.

Express Your Personality

The final coat is where you get to be creative and chose color pairings that give your Salem home its unique color scheme. SFW Painting has extensive experience with helping clients choose multiple colors of house paint, from body and trim to different colored fascia and walls.

Salem Paint Contractor with Deep Roots in the Construction Industry

SFW Painting is a division of SFW Construction, LLC. We handle all the painting needs and if you need any repairs–like siding, dry rot, or anything else construction-related, SFW Construction steps in seamlessly to keep the project on schedule.