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SFW Painting Specializes in Exterior Home Painting

SFW Painting is a home exterior paint professional operating in Wilsonville and throughout Oregon. With over a decade of professional painting under our belts, we’re extensively experienced and skilled at a range of residential home painting.

Whether you have a historical home or a modern one, need a basic exterior painting or a full-scale renovation, we do it all. We even provide lead removal and encapsulation for homeowners who want to make their homes safer and lead-free.

In conjunction with our parent company, SFW Construction, LLC, in addition to Wilsonville exterior house painting we provide thorough structural restoration work, including siding repair, carpentry and any kind of restorative construction.

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A Practical & Effective Approach to Perfect Painting

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of your Wilsonville home and taking inventory of its unique characteristics and painting needs, we are being with prepping your home to be painted. This involves power spraying then scraping the entire exterior painted surfaces to clean away the dust and dirt, the grime, mold, and mildew. Then we caulk the unwanted crevices to seal your home and protect it from the rain and moisture.

Painting the exterior of your Wilsonville home begins with the primer paint, the first coat which serves to provide insulation from the elements and as a good surface upon which to apply the final coat. The final coat is applied in the special colors you choose for your home. We encourage you to pick colors that thrill your heart, that will make you smile every time you come home.

Exterior Home Painting WilsonvilleExterior Home Painting, Wilsonville, Oregon
Exterior Home Painting WilsonvilleExterior Paint, Wilsonville, Oregon

Professional Exterior Home Painting with High Caliber Paint

As tenured professionals in the painting trade, we are extensively skilled at what we do. So, we use only the best paints from Sherwin Williams, Miller and Rodda to paint your Wilsonville home. Having delighted hundreds of customers with our high-quality painting, over the years we’ve also developed a shining reputation for excellent customer service. We regard our customers as our most highly valued resource. After all, without you we’d have no homes to paint. So, we treat you the way you deserve to be treated, with respect, courtesy, and admiration.

Wilsonville Paint Contractor with Deep Roots in the Construction Industry

SFW Painting is a division of SFW Construction, LLC. We handle all the painting needs and if you need any repairs–like siding, dry rot, or anything else construction-related, SFW Construction steps in seamlessly to keep the project on schedule.