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SFW Painting Specializes in Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint in your home can be problematic because lead is a toxic substance known to cause serious health problems in humans and pets. If you live in an older Hillsboro home, built before 1978, your home may have lead paint. SFW Painting is a certified Lead Safe Renovation Firm that provides lead paint inspections and professional lead paint removal services in Hillsboro.

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Removing the Lead Paint in Your Hillsboro Home

Removing the lead paint in your Hillsboro home will entail technical procedures that should be performed by skilled lead paint removal specialists. Because lead paint is so dangerous to human health, it must be removed or encapsulated thoroughly in a manner that ensures the health and safety of you and your family.

At SFW Painting we use proven industry-wide best practices in our lead paint removal work, which includes electric paint shaving, UV Scraping, and lead paint encapsulation, as well as good old-fashioned hand scraping. All our lead paint removal processes are environmentally safe and avoid the use of dangerous chemicals.

Why Lead Paint Should be Removed from Your Hillsboro Home

In 1978, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of lead in commercial and residential lead paint because it was found to cause serious health problems. Lead is a known toxic substance, so it’s no wonder the lead in the paint used in your home could be hazardous to your health. As homes age and the paint cracks and peels, it falls to the floor where small children and pets may ingest it. Windows and doors that are repeatedly opened and closed will eventually emit fine paint dust particulates into the air that can be ingested through breathing.

Health Hazards of Lead Paint

Once ingested, lead paint can cause lead poisoning that may result in a slew of health problems, including anemia, internal organ damage, brain, and nervous system impairment, seizures, and even death. Children who ingest lead paint may experience significant learning disabilities and behavioral problems. If you are living in an older home that was constructed with lead paint, the only way to really ensure your health and that of your family is to have a professional lead paint removal process.

Great experience, from initial contact through to final invoice payment. Painters (Wendy & Max) were careful, considerate, thorough, and professional. The estimate and work in progress accounting was fair, transparent, and responsive. Highly recommended.

L. Frederiksen

SFW from start to finish on my two decks were exemplary. Alex and Bryan supervised their team and were kind, professional and kept me in the loop every step. They were also very clean and timely. I highly recommend this company for any of your construction needs.

J. Daniels

Greg and team did a great job of managing the project. Work was done in a timely and efficient manner and communications were clear and professional. Any follow up items were quickly addressed and I am very pleased with the paint work that was done.

A. White