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If you are concerned that your home may have lead paint, call SFW Painting today for a free consultation on Tigard lead paint removal. SFW Painting is an accredited and licensed Lead Safe Renovation Firm that provides professional lead paint evaluations for Tigard homeowners. Lead paint can be hazardous to your health as lead is a known toxic substance; therefore, removing lead paint from your home and refreshing your painted surfaces with safe and non-toxic paint is highly recommended.

SFW Painting is comprised of trained and skilled lead paint removal technicians who employ environmentally safe and highly effective lead paint removal methods. We use industry-wide and sustainable best practices in our work, featuring UV scraping, lead paint encapsulation, and electric paint shaving. Our Tigard lead paint removal process also employs lots of good old-fashioned hand scraping, but we never use chemicals as our goal is to remove toxins from your home, making it more safe and habitable.

“We had dry rot to repair before repainting and were on a tight timeline. SFW met our deadline. On the job site, the painters were great, and their customer communication is a model of clarity and efficiency. SFW may not be the low bid, but the quality from top to bottom is worth every penny. I highly recommend!”

Esther L, Portland, Oregon

“We originally called SFW to fix some minor siding and wood rot. I was so impressed with their professionalism over the phone and in person, we chose them to paint the entire house. Their painters are very friendly and polite. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend SFW Painting.”

Jim E, Portland, Oregon

“Great experience, from initial contact to final invoice payment. They were careful, considerate, thorough, and professional. Our estimate and work in progress accounting were fair, transparent, and responsive. I highly recommend SFW Painting for any interior painting job you may have.”

Linda F, Portland, Oregon

“SFW Painting is reliable and honest. We have used them for several projects at two different houses to fix water damage and many interior painting projects. They are very clear about what you should expect to pay, and they also accept credit cards. I will never use another painting or construction company again.”

Mallory B, Portland, Oregon

“SFW Painting did not try to oversell or scam. They took care of the job from start to finish and left the work areas clean. I have an old house, so they made sure to create containment areas to minimize lead paint dust. It might have cost a bit more than Joe Handyman, but they’ll do everything the right way.”

Mattison C, Portland, Oregon

We had some painting done at our home by David and Jimmy. They were very professional and courteous. Excellent work and I would recommend them in the future. In addition, Jay, the painting Manager was excellent, providing a face to face consultation and regular communications regarding our work tasks and scheduling.

Rick M, Portland, Oregon

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Hazards of Lead Paint

Unfortunately, lead paint was not recognized as a health hazard until the late 1970s – up until that point it was used routinely in domestic and commercial painting. As a volatile and toxic substance, we now realize that using lead as an ingredient in such a common environmental substance as the paint is not such a wise idea. While lead paint is most dangerous to children, it is hazardous to anyone who ingests it. It is most commonly inadvertently ingested when the paint has chipped or flaked, or been crushed into dust and inhaled – as with a window that is opened and closed repeatedly.

When ingested, lead from lead paint can cause a variety of problems, ranging from learning disabilities and impaired nervous system to anemia. As such, lead poisoning, also known as lead toxicity, is a very serious concern.

Lead Paint Home Inspection

For a reliable and top notch Tigard lead paint removal specialist, look no further than SFW Painting! Our comprehensive approach entails a thorough inspection for lead paint in all painted areas of your home – the body, accents, trim, eves, and soffit – as well as all exterior and interior painted surfaces and all layers of paint on your home. If you have lead paint in your home, we’ll find it!

Lead Paint CheckLead Paint Check, Tigard, Oregon
Lead Paint RemovalLead Paint Removal, Tigard, Oregon

A Winning Lead Paint Removal Strategy

Removing the lead paint from your home is an important job that we take seriously. All our lead paint removal experts are trained and licensed technicians with years of lead paint removal experience. While you can feel confident that the work we do will be first-rate, we also understand that it may be an expensive prospect for you. So we strive to co-create a lead paint removal strategy with you that will treat your bank account nicely.

Simply call today to speak with a lead paint removal representative who can help you to learn more about lead paint removal for your house, and devise a workable plan.

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SFW Painting is a division of SFW Construction, LLC. We handle all the painting needs and if you need any repairs–like siding, dry rot, or anything else construction-related, SFW Construction steps in seamlessly to keep the project on schedule.