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SFW Painting Specializes in Lead Paint Removal

Living in a charming historical home doesn’t need to be a health hazard. However, if your home was built before 1978 it may contain lead paint, which has been known to cause lead poisoning and significant health problems. SFW Painting provides affordable in-home Tualatin lead paint inspections to determine if your home contains lead paint. If it does, we’re able to perform a comprehensive lead paint removal and encapsulation service that restores the paint in your home to current standards of safety.

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Lead Paint is Unsafe

In 1978 the Environmental Protection Agency stated lead paint was the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.” This is because many homes throughout the 20th century (until 1978) were painted with lead paint, which was found to cause significant health problems in children, including learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Since 1978, lead paint has been banned. However, many homes built before that time still contain lead paint, which can cause health problems.

Lead Paint Removal Service

Like everything else, your home breaks down over time and must be restored to maintain integrity. Our Tualatin lead paint removal service entails extracting and eliminating all lead paint, or encapsulating it, and then applying fresh lead-free paint to your home. This process restores the paint in your home to an original state that is completely healthy and safe.

SFW Painting is a certified Lead Safe Renovation Firm that provides environmentally safe lead paint removal, including UV scraping, lead paint encapsulation, electric paint shaving, and hand scraping. We never use dangerous chemicals and follow stringent guidelines and best practices in performing a safe lead paint removal service.

Health Problems Caused by Lead Paint

The health problems caused by lead paint are numerous, including anemia, internal organ damage, impairments in nervous system and brain functioning, seizures, and (in high amounts) unconsciousness and death. The EPA reports that no amount of lead paint ingestion is safe, which makes sense because lead is a heavy metal that is highly toxic to living beings.

How Does Lead Paint Ingestion Occur?

Homes built with lead paint are now 40+ years old and in varying states of wear and tear. As homes age, so does the paint. And older paint can peel, crack and crumble in chips to the floor where small children and pets may ingest it. Lead paint on windows and doors can be emitted into the air as fine dust particulates when windows and doors are used repeatedly.

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