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Step 1 in Painting Process


Bids and Scheduling

Although we have painting services billed by the hour, most exterior painting projects start out with a bid or an estimate. After scheduling a bid appointment with our office, a project manager will meet you at your property and discuss the scope of your project.

For homeowners with busy schedules, ask us about receiving an electronic bid. One of paint supervisors will measure your home at a scheduled time and communicate other bid details via phone or email.

Painting Process

Step 2 in Painting Process

Exterior Paint Prep Work

Inspection – SFW Painters have seen it all, but to minimize any surprises that forestall painting we’ll do an exterior home inspection before starting physical prep work.

Repairs – If your inspection turns up any additional small siding or trim repairs, we’ll let you know before making the repairs. SFW Construction LLC has a very experienced team of carpenters and home exterior experts who can tackle the more complicated repairs; no need to hire an expensive subcontractor!

Washing – Head to toe, your house is going to get a good scrubbing. We see a lot of prematurely failed exterior paint jobs, dirt and grime is the easiest way to failed paint adhesion. Our painters will pressure wash your siding, gutters, trim and any other areas that needs to be painting.

Scraping/Sanding – Some homes are ready for priming after a thorough pressure wash while others need residual paint scraped or sanded. If you’re not sure whether your house needs old paint removed, don’t worry – our project managers will let you know after you schedule an appointment.

Masking – You might like Jackson Pollock, but probably not on your house. We use the most modern taping and masking products like 3M’s Static Sheeting which adhesive-lessly sticks to your windows and doors. Our 17-foot paint trailer holds a seemingly infinite arsenal of drop cloths to protect your walkways, plans, garden beds, fencing, and appliances during the painting process. Worried about your garden? We use Tyvek breathable drops to keep your plants reporting, no polyethylene sheeting!

Step 3 in Painting Process

Caulking, Priming, and Painting

Caulk – Paint and caulk are your home’s first defense against water intrusion. Consequently, all paint jobs should include removing and replacing old, failing caulk. Our paint bids include caulking not only your siding, but everything from your roof to your foundation.

Priming – Paint doesn’t stick to just anything. Primer is formulated to seal wood and create an appropriate surface for paint to adhere to. We employ a range of primers from standard residential primers to bonding primers which can smooth defects and encapsulate lead paint.

Paint – Different parts of your house require different painting techniques. Rest assured, we’re going to use the most appropriate technique to maximize efficiency while delivering the highest quality paint job! Our paint crews are equipped with low-noise airless-electric sprayers and experience painting all types of exteriors. If you have a concern about the painting techniques used on your home, contact us today!

Want a Bid for YOUR Painting Project?

Call or Email Us and we are happy to arrange a bid for your painting, or lead removal project. 

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