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As Oregon natives, we’re familiar with the kind of weather a home must withstand in the Northwest. From preparation through painting, we take every precaution to weatherproof your home. Our dedication to quality and customer service has earned us many successful Portland exterior home painting projects.

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Four Types of Exterior Painting We Conduct in Portland

While we conduct all kinds of exterior home painting, the following is a list and description of the main four modes of painting we perform.

  1. Conventional home painting in Portland is just as you’d imagine, exterior residential painting of a typical home.
  2. Historical home painting can entail a bit more finesse as these jobs usually address more complicated situations and perhaps some renovation work.
  3. Restoration painting is work that involves a structural renovation, carpentry, siding repair, or other kinds of basic construction alongside painting. As you’d imagine, these jobs are a bit more intensive.
  4. Lead paint removal and encapsulation renovation painting involves paint stripping, scraping, and removal of all dust particles in the work area. The contractor must be certified and all employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
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Exterior Home PaintingBeautiful Paint Job, Portland, Oregon

Lead Paint Removal And Exterior Painting

Lead paint removal and encapsulation is a very intensive process that safeguards you and your family from lead paint in your home. Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can cause a host of health problems. The use of lead in paint was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1978. If your home was built before then, lead paint may have been used in its construction. SFW Painting Contractor, Portland can quickly examine your home for lead paint and provide lead paint removal and encapsulation followed by exterior home painting to update and refresh your home.

Portland Paint Contractor with Deep Roots in the Construction Industry

SFW Painting is a division of SFW Construction, LLC, who is known for high-quality siding repair work and being the first home repair contractor to specialize in properly treating dry rot for home and business owners. Together, we work at above industry standards and use only the best products on your home. We hire the most experienced carpenters and painters and provide training so they can continuously be improving at their trade. Since opening our doors in 2005, we have serviced thousands of satisfied customers in the Pacific Northwest.