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Professional Lead-Based Paint Removal Mukilteo

Lead paint removal is a high-risk activity best accomplished by trained professionals using proven strategies and advanced technologies. SFW Painting is a Lead-Safe Renovation Firm, conducting professional lead paint inspection and removal services in Mukilteo, since 2005. Ensuring your home is lead-free starts with a lead paint inspection. If you have an older or historic home you may be exposing yourself to lead, so it’s best to have your home checked.

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Phase I: Professional Lead Paint Inspection

If your home was built before the 1980s, there is a good chance it contains lead. Lead paint was not banned until 1978, at which point the Environmental Protection Agency outlawed its use in residential painting. If you suspect your home may have been built with lead paint, your first move is to have a professional Mukilteo lead paint inspection. SFW Painting examines all layers of paint on the interior and exterior portions of your home, including the main body, trim, eaves, and soffit areas. We provide you with a scientific analysis that shows if you have lead paint in your home.

Phase II: Expert Lead Paint Removal

SFW Painting employs industry-wide best practices and proven strategies to remove the lead paint from your home and property in a way that is safe, effective, and reliable. Our core techniques entail UV scraping and electric paint shaving, in combination with hand scraping. To address difficult areas in which extraction is not safe, we employ a recognized process of lead paint encapsulation that seals the paint, providing a strong barrier between the paint and the environment.

Phase III: Advanced Air Filtration Safety Technologies

To maintain a clean and healthy home living environment for you and your family, we utilize advanced HEPA-rated lead paint removal technologies, including the Festool Power Shaver, HEPA Sander, and Festool Dust Extractor system. In conjunction, these technologies enable us to extract 100% of the lead paint chips and dust particulates from your home. Based on EPA standards and those set by the United States Department of Energy, our HEPA systems ensure that the air you breathe in your home is as pure as is humanly possible.

Safety, Satisfaction & Home Improvement

Your safety, followed by happiness with the job done and improving your home environment are our top priorities. We do all we can to ensure all three. As a general contractor we are also able to make structural renovations, including carpentry, siding repair, and roofing should you need it during your lead paint removal.

Great experience, from initial contact through to final invoice payment. Painters (Wendy & Max) were careful, considerate, thorough, and professional. The estimate and work in progress accounting was fair, transparent, and responsive. Highly recommended.

L. Frederiksen

SFW from start to finish on my two decks were exemplary. Alex and Bryan supervised their team and were kind, professional and kept me in the loop every step. They were also very clean and timely. I highly recommend this company for any of your construction needs.

J. Daniels

Greg and team did a great job of managing the project. Work was done in a timely and efficient manner and communications were clear and professional. Any follow up items were quickly addressed and I am very pleased with the paint work that was done.

A. White