If your house tested positive for lead, make sure to test both the inside and outside painted surfaces for lead-based paint. Often, if one side of your house tested positive, they both tend to have lead paint. In this case, if you have lead-based paint on both sides, you will want to identify which project is more important to mitigate the lead hazard and start there. You may have wanted to paint the outside first, but if you have your children and interior lead-based paint, that may take precedence over the exterior.

Once you have decided where to start removing or stabilizing the lead paint, contact a licensed lead contractor. Double-check online that they have up to date licensing as many advertise being lead-safe contractors online but oftentimes don’t renew their license. Once you have secured a contractor, you may need to make arrangements to move off-site depending on the size and scope of work sometimes. If the work area is isolated, the contractor can use plastic wall systems and work in an occupied home. But most times it will require a vacant work area. Onsite or offsite storage may also be required depending on the furniture and valuables needed for containment.