The type of preparation needed to be complete before working on your property is dependent on the vision you have for your project. In other words, we tailor the needs of each homeowner to match the specifications for your project. We do this by providing various types of preparation services, including; 

  • Washing – New paint requires a clean canvas, dry, and with a firm base.
  • Hand Scraping – Remove all loose and peeling paint with scrapers, knives, and steel brushes. 
  • Sanding – Sanding, depending on the substrate’s condition, is sometimes necessary to remove loose and peeling paint. In addition, sanding can help smooth out rough edges. 
  • Caulking and Sealing – We will remove any failing caulk before re-caulking. Ensuring we get all the vulnerable areas and where the caulk is missing or failing. 
  • Rust – We can scrape and wire brush surface rust until sound. After, we apply a rust-inhibiting primer before the top-coats.

SFW Painting will discuss what you hope to accomplish with your project and tailor the proposal to capture that vision.