In this video, SFW Painting explains how dry rot in home siding is sometimes detected during initial power-washing and paint preparation for a home painting project.

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In the rainy Northwest, older homes are especially prone to dry rot when home siding has been compromised by the weather. Discovering significant dry rot issues during a home painting project is often times a major setback because most painting companies do not address intensive structural damage issues. Rather they simply inform the homeowner and put the paint project on hold until the owner finds another company to fix the problem.

SFW Painting is different because they are a branch of SFW Construction, a full-scale general contractor that specializes in siding repair work, including intensive dry rot damage. So when SFW Painting finds dry rot during a painting project, it can be addressed efficiently in-house, which saves you time, money and the hassle of looking for an outside party.

With an emphasis on waterproofing your home, siding repair sets the stage for a spectacular paint job that also thoroughly protects your home from the elements, keeping it in excellent condition and increasing its value. No homeowner wants to discover that there are dry rot problems in the structure of their home, but if and when this happens during a home painting project, it’s good to know the issue can be professionally addressed in a timely manner. At SFW Painting we thrive on producing customer satisfaction by offering comprehensive painting and dry rot repair services.