In this video SFW Painting describes how homes built before 1978 must be examined for the presence of lead paint before any kind of remodeling, painting or new construction work.

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The reason for this is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of lead paint in 1978 because it was recognized to present health hazards – including anemia and impairment to the brain and nervous system in adults as well as developmental and behavioral disorders in children.

Homeowners are required to hire a contractor that is licensed and has documentation to conduct the inspection of the home for lead paint and provide lead-safe renovation. SFW Painting has accredited lead-safe renovators who adhere to the EPA and OSHA guidelines on safe lead paint removal procedures. Removing lead paint from an old home is a large and comprehensive task requiring significant execution of lead-safe removal strategies.

As an accredited lead-safe removal company, and with many years of professional experience, SFW Painting is qualified with a license and documentation to provide your home with a lead paint inspection and, if needed, lead paint removal renovation.

The Company has full documentation of its lead-safe renovation firm status and its accredited lead-safe removal specialists, which they display on-site at the onset of the lead removal work. When you hire SFW Painting you know that you are abiding with all the legal requirements for having your home tested for lead paint. It ensures that you know the job will be done expertly and in accordance with local code requirements.