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Trending Paint Colors for 2020

This blog will explore paint trends and trending paint colors for 2020, look at popular and new paint combinations and schemes, and touch upon the art of choosing paint colors and combination schemes for interior home spaces.

As always, SFW Painting provides free paint estimates for interior and exterior home painting, alongside color consultations that help you choose the best paint colors for your home.

Paint Color Trends in 2020

SFW Painting reviewed trending paint colors for 2020 according to interior designers and found a few major themes. While white colors and tones predominated in 2019 and will certainly continue to be popular in 2020, there are trends towards more bold and moody colors in the blue and green segments of the spectrum. At the same time, grounding earth tone colors are also popular, and granite and other shades of gray are also on the trend radar.

Shades of Blue

Although it comes in many shades, blue tends to be a calming and expansive color, reminiscent of the infinite sky and sprawling sea horizon. At the same time, darker blue tones are indicative of deep feeling, philosophical thinking, and even spiritual experience. Three shades of blue – Classic Blue, Bold Blue and Peacock Blue – are each mentioned by interior designers as frontrunners in paint color trends for 2020.

These three paint trend colors definitely reside in the deeper shade dimensions of blue. They are liberating and enrichening colors that can release us from the bright and glaring grip of technology and the monotonous mind-set of the office. Deeper shades of blue are relaxing and emotionally nourishing as they impart a nocturnal and serene state of mind. As such it makes sense that blue serves as an antidote to the business of modern life. The popularity of blue made Classic Blue Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year.

Fresh Greens

Situated right next to the abode of blue is the livelier and more verdant domain of green. As the universal color of plant life and healing, green colors are irrevocably entwined with energies of rejuvenation and health. While the darker Hunter Green appears to be the most popular paint color among green tones, the brighter and more lustrous Evening Emerald is also a sought after and trending paint color for 2020.

Earth Tones

Clay and Burnt Orange are both cited by interior designers as paint colors that are in vogue for 2020. Used selectively and in moderation, Burnt Orange and rust shades provide a snappy jolt of energy that can increase the appetite or simply energize a space. Clay is more calming and can provide a neutral backdrop to more involved home decorations, and Calvary Clay was named by Sherwin-Williams as their terracotta paint color of the year in 2019.

Shades of Gray

Yes, there are certainly many shades of gray! Thunder Bay, Sheffield Gray, and Gray Marble are all cited by interior designers as trending and popular paint colors for 2020. Thunder Bay gives the effect of fog while incorporating a hint of aqua-green. As such, it is one of the more unusual shades of gray. Sheffield Gray imparts a warmer and more metallic and sophisticated effect, while Gray Marble is a purely neutral tone can make a room feel more expansive and simultaneously cozy. Look for these and other shades of gray to highlight the paint color trends for 2020.

Popular Paint Schemes for 2020

While the sky really is the limit for creative and tantalizing paint color combinations, a few paint color pairings are trending for 2020. If the choices seem overwhelming or you just want a bit of advice, SFW Painting is available for free paint scheme consultations.


Hunter green pairs well with lighter seafoam green tones and can also be matched with pastel pink and violet. For a more daring color atmosphere, purple tones can be mixed with both Hunter Green and Seafoam Green to achieve a marvelous and invigorating paint color combination.

Earth & Sky

Blues and browns can be effectively paired in many color combinations. Earthy beige, deep blue and poignant mustard yellow can all be combined to arrive at a balanced paint color scheme that imparts elegance and class to any interior space.

Another trending paint scheme for 2020 blends teal, rose pink and – for the more adventurous paint-goer – shades of mustard. This is an energizing paint color combination that imbues a space with vivacious colors that are playful and uplifting.


Most any shade of gray pairs well with Blush, also known as “millennial pink.” Mixed with beige these two colors create a palette known as Manta, which is a hallmark of ancient Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design. The mix of paint color is cited as a balance of warm and cold tones, especially within the context of a neutral backdrop of beige. The atmosphere such paint schemes create tends to be relaxing and contemplative.

Paint Colors for Interior and Exterior Spaces

According to interior designers, we are physiologically predisposed to feel most stable when darker colors are beneath us on the ground, serving as our physical foundation, mid-range color shades are at eye-level, guiding our travel through any given space, and lighter shades are above us. We see this general idea playing out in most modern homes, with white serving as the perennial ceiling color.

Interior designers suggest that we can play with the sense of space by reversing this trend – making the floor lighter and the ceiling darker. However, while this works well for restaurants and bars, and will be interesting for a game room or lounge space in your home, you probably don’t want this color scheme in your living room.

A lighter floor color can enlarge the sense of space in a room and works well in concert with lighter paint colors on the walls. These color schemes generally work well in all major areas of the home except the kitchen – where a more colorful wall is more apt to invigorate the culinary instincts.

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