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Why Deck Maintenance Is Important

Your deck is an important part of your home. You decorate it for the holidays, use it for barbecues, family time, kid’s playtime, and the occasional breath of fresh air. When the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest, it’s normal to catch yourself staring outside into the backyard of your home. During this process, you may have noticed your deck showing some signs of wear and tear. Do not worry! This is common in the Pacific Northwest, especially with our weather patterns and the elements consistently changing the dynamics of the wood.

This is normally an easy fix as contractors can perform repairs, deck maintenance, or “redecking,” which preserves the original structure while giving your deck a refresh to extend its life. A common problem, however, is people neglect to complete regular maintenance, which in turn shortens the life of the wood and makes it unattractive and possibly unsafe. Oregonians love the outdoors and the more time we can spend outdoors the happier we are. Having an outdoor sanctuary is important—for some of us, year-round.

Routine Pacific Northwest Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is important to extend the life of your deck. Here are the 4 steps we recommend:

1) Inspect The Deck

  • Do you have dry rot that needs to be repaired?
  • Do you notice any loose boards?
  • Is there any weakness in structure?
  • Is the color faded?
  • Are there gaps between boards?

2) Pressure-Wash The Deck (every year)

  • Use a deck cleaning solution on a yearly basis to rid the wood of bacteria or mold.
  • It’s ok to use a pressure washer, but be careful not to get too close and be especially careful around railings.

3) Apply A Stain To The Wood

  • Although one option is to paint your deck, we recommend getting it stained. This allows for the wood to stay natural and for you to pick the density of the color.
  • The stain you buy can make a big difference in the longevity of your deck. For instance, you are choosing to buy a stain that is fully waterproof, with UV protection and mildewcide versus buying a stain that is just water-resistant.
    • The first option will keep the water out, protect the wood from fading, and decrease the chance of mildew.
    • The second will resist water from entering the wood.
    • Painting the wood will not provide the same level of protection properties.
      • Important staining tip: Make sure the weather forecast shows sun over the next two or three days to allow the stain time to dry.

4) Seal The Deck

  • After the deck is stained and has dried, it’s time to protect the areas of the deck that do not need to be sealed plants, décor, surrounding objects, etc.
  • Once this is done its time to seal the deck.

Hire SFW Painting To Restore Your Deck

If you notice any signs of damage or if you have not inspected your deck for over a year, it’s important that you take time to perform these essential deck maintenance tasks or hire out the right contractor to do so. While it’s possible to perform these tasks yourself—hiring a professional can save you some costly mistakes.